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Some Germans take a poop-free yard to the extremeAnyway, if you have sucky dog walkers in your ‘hood that think leaving dog turds on your lawn is OK, the number one technique to battle them is using signs as a deterrent. My Dad, being the jokester he was, got a large 2 pound coffee can and began making deposits, until it was FULL.
Although I can’t say I fully endorse this strategy, it has a certain form of poetic justice to it.
If you were hiding out on the roof near the cameras vantage point only to jump down and catch the dog in the act you would be a pooper paratrooper. Christina Chambreau, DVM, CVH is an internationally known homeopathic veterinarian, lecturer and author, using homeopathy in her veterinary practice in 1983 (UGA grad in 1980).  She is a co-founder of the Academy Of Veterinary Homeopathy, was on the faculty of the National Center for Homeopathy Summer School for 10 years, is associate editor for the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal and adjunct faculty for the Maryland Veterinary Technician Program.
She answered our questions about what your dog’s poop is telling you AND how you can improve their health homeopathically. You will notice tapeworms as small white segments looking like grains of rice – near the anus, on the stools or on your furniture. Many dogs pass undigested food, especially corn and other grains (not a natural nor healthy food for any dog to eat, especially the GMO ones).
Kristina has owned everything from horses and goats to guinea pigs and birds and of course, dogs and cats. It was a bold move, and I quickly began imagining my new life that no longer involved scraping chunks of poop from our lawn. Therefore, there is no “perfect” poop as far as color, consistency, size, and frequency that you should look for in your dog’s stool.

If you frequently see undigested foods that are not grains, it may indicate gut allergies or other digestive disorders, so pay attention to how the dog feels in general. However, healthy dogs on a wonderful raw meaty bone diet may pass firm to very soft stools that become white as they dry, then fall apart into powder (saves having to clean up yard).
Lotz is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and works as a full time trainer.
I dutifully grabbed a grocery bag and disposed of the trash for a week or two (which then treated us to an epic stench every time we opened the trash can). The veterinarian may have just told you the stool is negative for parasites because the eggs are inside those “rice grains” and would not float to the surface in the fecal.
A dirty little secret is that many serial poopings occur under the watchful eye of the dog’s owner. You see, some dog owners don’t see it as their responsibility to pick up poop after their dog.
I have to give my respect to those dog owners that do suffer the indignity of being human pooper-scoopers, because owners that don’t pick up after their dogs just suck. They are smokers and anytime they go to their car, they let the dog run loose and naturally he hits my grass.
I don’t agree with the lack of responsibility, but I can definitely understand not wanting to pick up poop.
I have discovered on more than one occasion that a neighbor has been bringing his two big dogs around to my yard to do their morning business.

It was at the end of one of these heated moments I pronounced, “My days as a pooper-scooper are over. My lawn guy will be getting my grass ready for the summer, and I really don't want him being greeted again by the dog poop. Sure I was told that they would pay the extra money he would charge for picking up their dog poop.
I have sent a kind letter to him asking that he please pick up after his dogs, Didn’t work. It is unfortunate that my life has to be disrupted because some inconsiderate a-hole will not pick up after his dogs!
As for the apartment dwellers bringing their dogs over to do the dastardly deed and not picking up, a letter from our HOA solved that issue. We do a good job of keeping the dog run area picked up of his poop, putting down new pine straw, pulling any weeds in that area, etc.
But for reasons we can figure out, about a month or two ago he started pooping 50-70% of the time still on the pine straw in the dog run and suddenly 30-50% of the time in different areas in the grass around the yard.

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