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Far from being mutts, the Caucasians are highly specialized tools to protect properties, guard livestock, kill wolves, and hunt bears. I do prefer big dogs with children as i feel they can take a bit more from them, even though my dog is brilliant with kids still wouldn't leave her alone with one because you just never know.
This is reminding me of when my family rented a summer beach house and the owners left the dog, Puppy, for us to take care of.
Any dog can be deadly been attacted by many but i am not scared of any dog but i will say is its how u raise them up if u treat them with respect they will do the same alot of reasons to y i got attacted is due to testing dogs tht i dont no.
Dogs are, trained and utilized for numerous help and knowledgeable add the sector of protection and care.

The Caucasian Mountain Dog was bred in the Caucuses of Russia for the purpose of hunting bears.
The breed has been around for around 600 years and have been used to hunt bears and to protect sheep flocks from predators. At least until some unfortunate creature (man or beast) triggers its territorial instincts.
If you need a dog that is so serious about security, then you should be in the Witness Protection Program--not advertising what an irresponsible dog owner you are all over TV. If this dog becomes popular in the US which it probably will, it's going to be a sad situation.

Not every dog is suited for every setting – particularly bear hunting dogs who kinda look like bears themselves. When this happens, you'll need to put the dog on its side by force and keep it this way until it submits.

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