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Personal protection puppy training
Nick White is a former US Marine, former US Secret Service, and owner of the globally recognized Off Leash K9 Training, LLC.
You can see over 500+ before and after videos of Nick's training at work on his YouTube Channel!
Until recently, you could only have the opportunity to train with Nick at his HQ facility in Northern Virginia; however, Nick is now offering 3-5 day (private or group) seminars throughout the country!
With Nick's personal training and guidance, you and your dog will be very well-versed in his training system!

If you have always wanted your dog to perform like the dogs in Nick's videos, now is your chance!
Email us today in order to get a custom quote to bring Nick and Off Leash K9 Training to YOU! Related Keywords by design Off Leash K9 Training is a specialist in training dog trainers.. As Cabela's pro staff dog trainer and founder of Quinebaug Kennels in Connecticut, Broom is back for the second straight year to share her advice on how to train your family pet and hunting companion for your upcoming waterfowl and upland hunting adventures.

She says "patience, persistence and repetition" is her secret to success as she discusses how to select the proper breed and breeder for your hunting companion and covers important puppy basics before getting into detail on different drills and lessons and advanced training techniques such as tips for proper use and training with e-collars.

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