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Dan Downs: "We offer in-home dog training services for basic obedience and undesirable behaviors. We serve clients within a twelve-mile radius around Semoran Blvd and 408 (downtown Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Park, Winter Springs, East Orlando, Metrowest, Altamonte Springs, Maitland and the Airport area).
Puppy Training — Our Puppy Training helps your puppy become the perfect family pet. Leash Reactivity — We teach your dog to make calm, appropriate choices with other dogs nearby. Manners Training — Our Manners Training helps your dog develop the correct manners to become a wonderful member of your family.
Behavioral Change — If your dog is exhibiting any behavior that is threatening or concerning then schedule a behavior consultation. Board and Train — Your dog will be cared for and will learn while living at the dog trainer’s home. Certified dog trainer Mariah Hinds tailors instruction to your specific needs and schedule.
We are experienced dog trainers and have trained hundreds of dogs successfully in the Orlando area.
Bark Busters dog training methods are based on how dogs naturally learn; because of this, quick results in your dog's behavior are possible.

The mission and origins of Bark Busters were developed to prevent the euthanasia and surrender of dogs to animal shelters because of behavior problems.
Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Cassadaga, Casselberry, Clarcona, Debary, Deland, Deltona, Geneva, Glenwood, Goldenrod, Lake Helen, Lake Mary, Lake Monroe, Longwood, Maitland, Mid Florida, Orange City, Orlando, Osteen, Oviedo, Sanford, Winter Park, Winter Springs.
Lacette: "Our prices range from private lessons at $65 per hour-long class, in-home is $100, group training is $95 to $175 for six-week training. Lacette: "If you're going to make a mistake, it's much better your dog get an extra cookie than an extra punishment.
Three highly rated Orlando-area dog trainers provide tips and advice on training your furry companion.
Orlando Dog Manners and More provides fast, effective dog training that works for just about every problem you may have with your pet. Bark Busters provided a career change that involved their love for dogs and passion for teaching.
We don't use harsh dog training techniques, like shock collars, prong collars, physical domination or bribe with food to extort good dog behavior (which requires lots of time and repetition learning). As volunteers in a Greyhound adoption program we have seen many dogs returned because the owners did not understand the training needs of their pet. Mike began training dogs while he volunteered for a Golden Retriever Rescue in the early 1980's when he acquired a very fearful and aggressive 9 month old golden retriever, Chelsea.

Natural dynamics of pack law (dogs naturally learn by association) are employed to build a relationship of trust and safety with your dog. By joining the Bark Busters pack, we can provide proven pet training methods and restore happiness to their homes. Chelsea set Mike on a path of training his own dogs and eventually applied his skills to prepare other foster dogs for their forever homes.
Our dog behavior training helps move you toward the ultimate goal of voice control and dog obedience based on respect for you, the dog owner. And these results apply to mature dog training, puppy training, rescue dog training, greyhound training, or virtually any breed, any issue. Judy manages The Orlando branch of Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions, a non-profit greyhound adoption group.
Once the humans and the dogs understand how this works and can communicate with each other, the rest is easy.
We had been answering dog behavioral questions for new adopters right from the start." Experience, dedication and love for dogs made Bark Busters an obvious career choice.

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