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Once you have completed the 6 week  Group Dog Obedience Training Courses offered by Atlanta Dog Trainer, you can come back and refresh yourself on training techniques by taking the same level group dog obedience training course over for the rest of your dog’s life. In-Home Dog Training and Private Dog Training Lessons include The Life of the Dog Services as well! Our reputation has been built from the success of you and your dog with our easy and effective training techniques.
Striving to strengthen the bond between you and your dog through teaching and communication for a lifetime of companionship.

In the future, if you need to freshen up on Dog Obedience Training techniques you can come join a group Dog Obedience Class.
Over 30 years of combined dog training and dog behavior modification experience; our trainers’ are recommended nationwide. She has been dubbed as national expert on canine behavior, who has provided an extensive support and contribution to the canine training and behavior modification industry. Our primary goal is to help create a lifelong friend in your dog by making the dog more obedient, confident, well-mannered and more enjoyable to be around.

You have the ability to come and train around the group classes and train around high distractions with other dogs whenever you wish or simply join the group class.

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