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Everyone wants the perfect K9 companion; let me help you work toward that goal by improving your connection with your dog.
Included in any dog training package, view a dog trainer in actionto compliment your dog training experience. We need to build confidence in a shy puppy, and control aggression in a dog that thinks he’s pack leader. Most of my clients are pleasantly surprised their dogs respond to obedience commands in such a short time frame. Forest Dog training is located in Franklin park IL, and In the business of Obedience Training Dogs in Chicago, Dupage and Cook Co, IL areas and suburbs for the last 25 years. Unless the trainer comes highly recommend by someone you trust, you should go to several evaluations, I know if I was shopping for a dog trainer I wouldn’t want to feel pressured in any way, so I try and convey that to my clients, there is no obligation when you come for an evaluation at Forest Dog Training, I encourage prospective clients to check out other trainers before they make a decision. As in any other profession there are dog trainers that are more ethical than others, hopefully you will get a good feeling about a particular trainer when you hire a dog trainer to train your dog, and maybe do your homework on what the claims of that particular trainer are.
Good luck in finding a great ethical Dog trainer, whether you decide to hire Forest Dog Training services or not. I offer a 9 day pampered, in-home Guaranteed Dog Boarding and Training package for fast results. I also offer smaller private training packages that zero in on important commands and obnoxious behavior.
Professional dog training at its best in Chicago, boot camp dog training in Chicago IL, area suburbs, Rosemont IL, Harwood Heights, and Northbrook, Illinois. I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for helping us to train our loved but somewhat troubled adopted dog Lacey.
As you remember it was nearly impossible if not dangerous to drive with her in the car, thanks to your methods there is no longer any barking biting or lunging, when she slips out of line smaller correction now work, I can’t believe I was at all concerned about using any kind of a negative to train my dog, that coupled with all the positive that you teach with the correct timing in applying these methods have worked a miracle in a very short time.
The training tools you recommended for us, stopped the pulling for both our dogs, I have even been able to walk them together around the neighborhood.
We do dog training in the following Illinois Zip codes, 60301, 60302, 60304, 60305, 60105, and 60106, 60110, 60111, 60010, 60706, 61257, 60171, 60131, 60546, 60148, 60116, 60117, 60118, 60119, 60160, 60161, 60164, 60523, 60062, 60063. Just some of the Dog breeds we train, Labrador retriever, Beagle, Yorkshire terrier, German Shepherd Dog, Boxer, Bulldog, Dachshund, Malamute, Husky, Doberman, large dogs like Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Dog training rare breeds like Cane Corso.

Our dog training covers problems like, aggressive dog, jumping dog, destructive dogs, a dog that bites or digs holes in your yard, jumps on your counters. If you have an Obedient Dog you may want to take them to a Dog Friendly Restaurant in the Chicago, IL. Dog friendly Transportation for your Obedient Dog in the Chicago Area: (Paws around Chicago). Obedience Dog Training allows you to enjoy all the things the city and Suburbs has to offer. As a dog Trainer I would tell you to check with any of the dog friendly places you might take your puppy in case there is a policy change.
A true test of a well trained Dog is to be able to call your Dog while they are playing with other dogs.
Obedience Dog Training Guaranteed for the life of your DogWhen training a new dog I decide what balance of methods will work best to train that particular dog.
There are many different methods to obedience train a dog, the most successful dog trainers are those that use a combination of positive and negative reinforcement, communicating to the dog where his advantage lies.
Quality dog obedience training is much more important than quantity, dog training done correctly only needs 15 minutes per day homework to advance your dog. I find that once you establish your self as pack leader everything else falls into place, I’ve been training dogs for 25 years now, and it still amazes me sometimes at how well that one thing works. I take pride in my work and my name, most dogs need professional training, only 5% of dogs are naturally obedient, the rest do a lot better with training. Patricia Esposito has competed against other Dog Training Professionals from around the world and come out ahead of the pack winning many 1st place Titles.
The purpose of dog obedience training is to teach the dog owner to communicate with another species. Your dog can learn a large vocabulary if you use the command repetitiously with the action, and guide him into doing what you want.
The better behaved your dog is the more freedom he will enjoy, freedom is the best gift you can give your dog. I use a combination of dog training methods that focus the dog on me for the best results, and guarantees fast learning of obedience commands, I demonstrate these dog training methods when I evaluate your dog at no charge or obligation.

Other dog trainers recommend Forest Dog Training if they can not handle certain behavioral problems.
Your dog lives with me for 9 days while being trained, most trainers call this a Boot Camp. Melrose Park, Elmwood Park IL, Chicago Dog training at its best in Park Ridge IL, Norridge, Wood Dale, Des Plaines IL, Dog training in Oak Park, River Forest, IL. Your dog training methods were effective immediately it is amazing that in 5 short weeks she quickly became a much less aggressive and well mannered dog. I now believe our relationship is much closer since you have taught us to communicate with our dog. Dog training in the following Chicago, IL Zip areas, 60605, 60641, 60618, 60614, 60622, 60612, 60093, 60610, 60611. A dog needs to be trained that gets aggressive with a family member, if your puppy destroys your home, they need training, if you can’t get near his food bowl while he is eating, if he growls, or tries to bite, your dog needs training.
There are 3 follow up private lessons with this training package to turn you into a Dog trainer. Training Dogs in Barrington IL, Norwood Park, Villa Park, Illinois, Bensenville IL, Franklin Park, River Grove, Schiller Park IL.
If your dog does not come when called, he needs training, that one command can save your dogs life some day. For the best Professional dog training in Elmhurst IL, Addison IL, Forest Park, Galewood, Rosemont IL.
We train Golden Retrievers, Miniature Pinchers, Poodles, dogs of all sizes, small to large. Professional Dog training boot camp done for clients who live in Cook County, and Dupage County, Illinois.

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