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Dog Trainer ConneXion is a software program that assists you in managing and growing your training business. Unlike other programs, Dog Trainer ConneXion is more than a generic contact management program. Dog Trainer ConneXion provides over a dozen standard, sortable text reports as well as virtually limitless possibilities for custom reports which can be created, based on your parameters, with the click of a few buttons. Manage Your ContactsDog Trainer ConneXion is a true database program that allows you to not only record data but to access, sort and analyze it as well.
Good pack leaders provide praise, rewards, social experiences, and lots of fun to bring out their dogs’ spirited personalities. In fact, relying on punishment, fear, and what we call dominance-based, aversion training is actually dangerous. I believe that for families with children, positive reinforcement dog training is the only acceptable method. If the dog has continuing negative associations with the crate, you may want to get a new crate which is a different type, such as an airline-style crate if he’s been in a wire crate like Kennedy.
The most effective way to build a bond with your dog is through positive reinforcement training. The unfortunate fact is that hundreds of thousands of kids will be bitten by dogs in the next year, many of them by dogs they already know.
Instead of repressing dogs’ behavior triggers, let’s find out what they are, redirect and rewire them positively where possible, and avoid those situations that we aren’t able to rehabilitate.
Crossing over takes rewiring our own habits, and of course un-teaching and re-teaching our dog. Your program is customized so your logo and business contact information appears on all client correspondence and marketing efforts.
All calendar entries are reflected throughout the program, so there’s never a need to double enter information.

These forms help to enrich the training process and also provide you with the tools to differentiate from your competition. Some say that dogs need to be bossed around because that’s how it works in dog packs: there’s an alpha dog that dominates and even bullies the other dogs in his pack. Aversion training suppresses unwanted behavior like a lid on a pressure cooker, and at some point the pressure becomes too much.
These dog training logs are adapted from the state-of-the-art positive reinforcement dog training system in our award-winning book, Training the Best Dog Ever. It will be a revelation to anyone who’s heard that dogs respond only to physical intimidation or other forms of aggressive alpha-dog behavior. He writes for Dog Fancy magazine, AOL’sPaw Nation website, and other national publications. In positive reinforcement training, dogs are rewarded for good behavior and when unwanted behavior is shown, the reward is taken away or not given.
Many of those dog bites happen when, for example, a child accidentally sets off a dog’s behavior trigger by reaching innocently into the dog’s food bowl while the dog is eating. And by the way, if you’re fortunate enough never to have practiced aversion-style training, don’t start now, you’re already on the right path, so let’s get the word out together. Here are some rules for choosing a food that will greatly increase the quality of diet you feed your dog and cat. Philanthropic companies like Newman’s Own Organics Pet Food make human grade, organic pet food and give some of that same money to support healthy dogs and cats.
Ask your veterinarian to guide you in your choice of foods, especially if your dog or cat has any medical issues.
With the Training Plan module you can create step-by-step training plans and then simply customize them for your clients with the click of one button. Make your dog more comfortable in the world, from curing noise phobias to learning dog park etiquette and dealing with strangers.

When you guide your dog to do what you want and reward him when he does it, he is more likely to do it again. I have researched what kinds of dog training work best for dogs and families (especially families with kids, my own specialty), and the evidence is overwhelming: positive reinforcement is far, far more effective and safer than aversion training.
Up until that moment, the dog’s food guarding behavior was tolerated or repressed with aversive yanking and spanking, suppressed whenever the dog was forced to submit to a bully-style dominating master.
The good news is that dogs prefer positive reinforcement to be yanked and spanked—just like you and me—so I am confident that your dog will be happily surprised and eager for your strange new behavior.
Animal Wow applauds all philanthropic companies that provide top-quality products, as profits from all Animal Wow’s award-winning products help support humane education programs for kids and families.
Dogs, and especially pet dogs, love to follow leaders who provide food, shelter, and safety; leaders they see as benevolent and fair.
But this state-of-the-art positive dog training system gets you there in a much more humane and effective way. Dog training builds a stronger bond between your dog and your family…truly growing the relationship from a family pet to a family member. By contrast, a positive reinforcement system teaches you to train your dog to love having his food touched.
Comprehensive pamphlets on dog and cat nutrition are available free from the National Academy of Sciences. The best and safest way to train a pet dog, in my professional opinion, is positive dog training.

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