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Since it is such a nonspecific symptom, there is no way to accurately diagnose the dog in question without a lot more information.
To figure out the cause of a dog shaking uncontrollably, it is important to know when the shaking occurs, any other symptoms the dog has and what parts of the body are trembling.See the list below to learn more about common causes of shaking in dogs and potential treatments. If your dog starts trembling and seems to be cold despite being in a relatively warm environment, your pet might have a fever.In a true fever, the body temporarily raises normal body temperature in response to an infection, a drug reaction or other trigger. Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Carolynn has worked with small animals, exotic pets and local wildlife.

Because she believes that educated owners have healthier and happier pets, she feels privileged to be able to communicate with pet owners across the world through her articles. If you suspect your dog is shivering due to cold, get your pet into a warm environment immediately.
A body temperature over 106 degrees in a dog can result in severe complications and is a medical emergency.PAINShaking can be a sign of pain in dogs.
When she's not practicing medicine or banging away at her keyboard, she's spending time with her family and her own menagerie.

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