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These obedient hounds have been trained in the art of carrying shopping from the car into the house. Meanwhile two of their pooch pals just stand watching, likely confused why any dog would derive pleasure out of such a menial task. The video on YouTube has been viewed more than 180,000 times with many viewers sharing their appreciation of the dogs. While another commentor, potentially an owner of a disobedient dog, asks for tips on training their own pet to do the same.

Maymo the dog has become an internet hit after a video showing him pushing a puppy around in a shopping trolley emerged online earlier this week. And, when combined with last-minute holiday shopping, cooking, cleaning, traveling and general prepping, well cue the stress. Luckily there is one dog that’s on a mission to change that (and save the world).This adorable video of a superman Chihuahua was shared around the office and we couldn’t stop smiling. As the costumed dog reminds us, treadmills don’t have to be just for humans who want to get fit, tone up and show off some slick dance moves.

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