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Constructed from the highest performance materials, the hands free leash attaches to a streamlined, very light-weight belt on a sliding snap buckle. With its heavy duty construction, this leash is designed to take the shock out of those predictably unpredictable lunges, pulls and abrupt changes of direction.
Iron Doggy makes hands free dog leashes that keep athletic dogs on the straight and narrow.

The Stunt Runner by Stunt Puppy($35 Amazon) is a hands-free dog leash created specifically for running with your fury friend. This lets you adjust your dog's position without having to adjust the belt, and the side release buckle means you can easily release the belt with just one hand.
And that can be a problem, especially if your running partner is not only easily distracted but strong too.

The idea is to volley the ball back and forth using only the parts of the body allowed in football, and besides being a fun, challenging game, it also works as a training tool, enhancing your skills and air-to-air ball handling.

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