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If you brought your dog home as a puppy before 12 weeks of age then you probably experienced the joy of your puppy sticking close and following you no matter where you went.
Your dog may think he was born to run away, but your patience, consistency, training and management can help your dog learn to stick around. Believe it or not, this life stage can be just as exhausting when it comes to raising dogs. Then, one morning, your puppy was no longer following you but running off in the opposite direction. He was right by my side, and then, all of a sudden, he took off running out of the driveway and down the street.
No matter the cause, running away is a preventable behavior if you use patience, consistency and proper training.
This is one of the scariest problems, because it often means dogs are running around wild, neighborhoods and are at risk for being hit by a car. The dog associates his name or the word COME with negative things; and so he therefore begins to think that he would rather NOT come than get his nails trimmed! When he finally makes it home, or comes to you those last few feet, he often gets in trouble!
This reaffirms the fact that coming to you is sometimes bad, but running the neighborhood was FUN! It becomes such a part of their normal lives for their dogs to ignore this command and other basic obedience commands! After a period of time, you desensitize your dog to a command and it begins to mean nothing at all.

Consistency is the key, and for some people they need to realize they should not give the command if they have no control and their dog is unlikely to listen. On a regular (I mean daily) basis then he is not use to listening to you and obeying you even in a normal not stimulating environment! In order to expect your dog to be successful and listen to you when you give a command, you MUST work regularly on giving him commands and reinforcing them. You HAVE to be the most exciting thing on earth to him, YOU (mom or dad) need to = Play and Fun in order for him to stop engaging his environment! Now, to keep you happy I give you a random BONUS every once and a while for coming to work. I also give you the option to get bonuses and increase your pay if you do your job and learn how to do more things for me.
My guess is you will never, or rarely ever, miss a day of work and you will be extremely loyal.
If he thinks he might get a piece of chicken breast or you might play ball with him when you call his name or you call him to come; he might actually leave the squirrel. I have a 6 year old border collie that i,ve had for one year he is from a rescue shelter, he is good in every way but seems to be obsessed with other dogs he loves them the problem is he does not come when called preferring to play other owners do not like it.he is not at all interested in balls or sticks or playing with me or treats, i have tried everything HELP.
One morefollow up thing- I amhavingtrouble switching toys because Cicero my young boy, considers a dropped toy his to chew.
I’ve explored different dog training methods since i adopted my 3 yr old irish terrier from the shelter 2 weeks ago. Cookie Or Toy Toss: Using a treat or toy your dog dearly loves, toss it out a couple of feet in front of you.

How decide give dog - blossom!, If you’re thinking about giving your dog away, here are several things to consider. 1 sled dog advertising, Welcome to sled dog central, your online sled dog information and advertising source. Something I like the most is training your dog on the regular basis, means treating obedience regularly. Call Between Friends And Family Members: Have toys and treats available and take turns calling your dog between you.
Easy cooked dog food recipe - homemade dog food - Carol, i posted the easy cooked dog food recipe.
The adolescent period of dog development starts between 12 to 16 weeks and encompasses the next couple of years, depending on the breed. Right now we are working on the project, many features are yet to be done and many bugs are yet to be fixed, but please be patient, we are willing to make the biggest and the best bank of free images and pictures that you`ll be able to use in your design projects, blogs and books. Apart from it, playing games with pet can also boost the sense of intelligence within them. Still, if you feel you need some more training tips for your puppy, go for specialist trainers that can help you to raise your puppy effectively in every field.

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