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We have expert dog trainers in the Rancho Cucamonga area, and all of San Bernardino who will come to your home to train your dog.
Pictured: Sam Scotti, Expert Dog Trainer covering the Rancho Cucamonga Area, and all of San Bernardino. Everything we do to control problems and to instill obedience is consistent with the answer to the next question. After years of independent research and study of dog behavior and psychology, and having an affinity for rescue dogs and concern for their plight, it was a natural progression for me to join the Bark Busters family of dog behavioral therapists and trainers.
Every wonderful dog in my life has been a "rescue dog." Working with rescue dogs, one sees just about every bad behavior a dog can come up with. Too many dogs are abandoned or abused because owners do not know how to control the dog's undesirable behavior. My private lessons take place right in your home and are customized to your dog and your family.

With Bark Busters written "Lifetime of the Dog Guarantee," we will be your support partners for the rest of your dog's life. So, whether it's a major behavior problem like aggression or you just want to walk the dog instead of it being the other way around, I can help you.
Create an obedient dog or puppy that will happily walk on the lead without tugging, sit or stay on command, and come immediately when called.
Training in your home is a one-on-one system without the distraction of other dogs or the stress of being sent away for training. Of course, where you are experiencing problems outside the home such as pulling on the lead or dog aggression, we will set up controlled training situations in the park or wherever is most practical. I will teach you the Bark Busters natural training methods and how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands-using voice tones and body language-and without ever using harsh punishment or physical abuse.
It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind.

I was convinced my pup was hopeless and would always be super aggressive towards other dogs, but within just an HOUR, she was completely obedient. We were delighted with the initial results - we could hardly believe we were living with the same dog!
I love working with them every day and watching them grow into being nice, stable dogs as they stay fun and enjoy life. It will take a couple of hours, not months, to see a major improvement in your dog's behavior. The Bark Busters dog training method is based on the way dogs communicate with each other and how they learn from older, more important dogs in the pack.

How to overcome separation anxiety in dogs
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