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From the world's leading dog expert, this top selling DK classic has a stunning new look that includes 14 new breeds. I may have read the latest edition of this book since my cover photo matched none of the ones shown on goodreads.
But reading other reviews I am sure my comments accrue to all editions.One cannot really say one has "read" this book since it is so comprehensive. When I was in junior high, I really wanted to be a veterinarian (mainly so I could play with puppies), and I would get my mom to take me to the library, so I could sit and read this book and copy down stats on individual breeds, which I would then memorize.

You also get a condensed biology life science intro in the beginning about the dog which was pretty good actually.
I use it all the time - to explain what a dog I saw in public looked like, to tell my husband what kind of dog I want, to see how long it's gonna be before my mother-in-law's dog dies (one of the few dogs I don't love). It is a very good reference work and contains many useful nuggets of information about canine care, feeding and relationships.One feature of particular interest to me was the chart on a dog's appropriateness for specific household settings, child-friendliness and noise-level. I found this book a great hard-core information source, well done and accessible to even a casual reader.My only complaint with the book is there are a lot of great color photos of various dogs among the pages and the breed is not always identified.

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