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It took me a long time to figure out what this was that Bruno carried to the bed on the porch and chewed up. I had not seen him, but it would not have surprised me if he picked up this chicken and tossed it across the yard like he does with his stuffed toys.
Bruno just stands there staring up the driveway, oblivious to my calls and very much in the way of the truck.

He was inside the coop for at least ten minutes with no injured chickens and no sounds of upset chickens. I had checked the chicken yard a few times but had not heard anything, which means he was most likely licking up poop again.
I didn't hold his collar at all and every time he turned back to look at the truck I "bit" him again.

I made him sit down and wait until the FedEx guy got out (the guy knows and likes Bruno) and then I gave Bruno permission to go and say "Hi." After the guy left I used the same approach to make him come back to the porch and I made him sit down as the truck left.

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