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If your dog is still very small, up to six months of age, are advised to ignore such behavior. If the dog started to eat faeces, you must call him to himself, and give him a toy to distract his attention from the poop. If you are entering a dog on a leash, pull it out immediately as soon as he tries to eat faeces. Also, poop eating, always draws master attention, so this way the dog may require attention. InstinctMama dogs instinctively eat the feces of their pups in an apparent attempt to clean up the den and hide evidence of their vulnerable offspring (and you thought changing stinky diapers was a sacrifice). Attention SeekingA lot of dogs act out to get attention, even if it’s negative attention.

The typical example is the neglected outdoor dog who barks and barks until his owner comes out to scold him.
The same could happen with dogs who realize they can get a rise out of their owners by eating poop. Some dog behavior experts claim that other psychological issues or general stress could trigger the behavior as well.4.
They Really Like It!Some dogs eat their own poop, while others eat the poop of other dogs exclusively.
It generally doesn’t cause any health problems either, unless the dog eats the stool of a sick animal. As funny as this topic is to talk and write about, it can be very frustrating for a dog owner who actually has to deal with it.

Once they start to think of poop as food, it can be a challenge to train them not to partake.One strategy is to create an aversion to poop by dousing it in lemon juice, hot sauce, or some other substance the dog finds unpalatable.
However, this doesn’t work with a lot of dogs, who are either unfazed by the new flavor or learn to avoid the doctored turds. A better method is to add something to the dog’s food that changes the flavor of his stool.

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