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Through several editions, and a name change to Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs, this classic has served up just the right portion of science and practical tips for anyone to understand why clicker training works so well, and the first steps to building a new system of communication and deeper bond with their dog. An all-new chapter on where to find more information and connect with other clicker trainers completes this invaluable new edition, along with Frequently Asked Questions and Clicker Tips. If you're curious about clicker training and want to learn more, begin with Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs. Get 10% off training gear, books, DVDs, treats, and toys -including sale and clearance items! Learn The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer And Take Your Dog Training To The Next Level! Today the book has sold more than 50 000 hard copies and has become the #1 clicker training resource in the Nordic countries (and believe me, Norway and Sweden are known for having some of the best dog trainers in the world!).
Morten and Cecilie run a clicker training school - Canis Clickertraining Academy - in more than 30 cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, focusing not only on the average dog trainer, but on using clicker training to win in competition - any competition. The methods in their bestselling book Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer are tested in real life with thousands of dogs and their owners each year!
After having incorporating clicker training into our program for the past several years, we have been searching for theoretical educational materials to base our instructional modules on. I would say that it depends partly on the training methodology itself, and partly on how the training is executed by the trainer (trainer skills).
There are many positive trainers who base their training on luring (bribing) the dog to get behavior. When you are clicker training (and again, I´m talking about supertraining - not just using the clicker as a marker) the dog learns to THINK. Very soon you will discover that your dog has become a LEAN, MEAN LEARNING MACHINE capable of learning new behaviors and tricks in record time! I have been in love with clicker training for 18 years (before that I was actually a very successful traditional trainer, but there is no way I´m going back). No training method can guarantee perfect results in 10 minutes or 6 days, not even in six weeks or six years (if someone tries to do so, please stay away from them!). Since reading your book (still not finished, because as I read it I get motivated; stop reading and go train) I am seeing amazing things from both of my dogs. I just made reservations for the RI clicker expo and will definitely be attending all of your workshops. Many of my friends, other dog training instructors and people at my dog club told me that clicker training would never work. Well, two years later Kiro was certified as search and rescue dog, and he already competed at the highest level in both obedience and working dog trials.
Canis Clickertraining Academy also publishes books and a magazine about dog training in the Nordic countries. And when other dog trainers see poor clicker training enough times, there is no wonder they don´t believe in it. To avoid all the common training mistakes you need to learn the Four Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer! Let us help you improve your training skills and take your clicker training to a whole new level!

Of course, you also get detailed training instructions for all the important basic skills a perfect pet dog needs.
Technical terms and concepts are kept to a minimum and you are given a step-by-step guide to advancing your dog in the fundamentals of obedience in a fun and humourous way.
We also learnt lots from the sections on training techniques, backchaining and syndromes (now that was a laugh!!).
We reveal the four secrets and give you lots of examples on how to use them to solve problems and improve your training. The clicker is probably the best conditioned reinforcer available, but you should also have alternatives. Clicker trainers (and other trainers) can always choose between several different teaching techniques when teaching a new behavior. When you start clickertraining a dog that has already been trained with other methods you will have to face some special challenges. In the second bonusvideo we´ll show you how to clickertrain the dog to get the mail from your mailbox. All about App for Dog - Puppy Painting, Button and Clicker Training Activity Games for Dogs for iPhone. If you've tried clicker training, and know that it works, keep Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs in your library to review the underlying principles and basic techniques. She believed that advanced dog training was only for experts with special talents (you know, like the "dog whisperer" on TV).
And everyone can learn these scientific principles and use them effectively in their training. They have qualified for the Norwegian working dog Championships many times with a 3rd place as their best result.
In addition to competing with her dogs, Cecilie competes in show jumping with her two clicker trained horses.
Trainers who use punishment on the other hand, want you to believe that positive training is not enough to achieve a reliable result. I have seen a lot of bad "positive training" in my time (and even more bad punishment-based training, but let´s leave that for now). This kind of training may work OK sometimes, but I consider it old-fashioned and not very interesting (it´s definitely not supertraining!). In fact, they are also the key to effective correction-based training if you (God forbid) train that way.
We explain in great detail the principles of clicker training and the theory behind this effective method. But it can also give you something no other training method can: A happy and competent learner ready to learn new behaviors in record time!
I hope you one day will have the privilege of working with a clickerwise dog - then you will know what I´m talking about. Bandit the border collie is only clicker and Isabelle is a crossover dog and I am just having a blast with my dogs. At the age of three Kiro was also certified as a military patrol dog in the Norwegian Army, where I was a dog training instructor.

Tia was also certified as Search and Rescue dog and competed at the highest level in working dog trials when she was only two years old. Actually, we have sold more than 250 000 books about clicker training and other positive training methods in the Nordic countries since the beginning! And now our best book is finally available in English!
Some of them have to do with the fact that clicker training is very different from "traditional" dog training. As I said before: Even though I consider clicker training an extremely powerful technology, it is NOT magic. As researchers, we thoroughly investigated the many varieties of clicker training instruction books and DVD’s from the US and UK and found that the Scandinavian Canis Clickertraining Academy provided the most informative, detailed and enjoyable instruction manuals of all. Among many other things, the fourth core element, that defined clicker training, was a real revelation to us (we’ll leave that up to you to find out what it is!) and certainly changed the way we viewed our dogs. Almost every dog trainer on the planet seems to suffer from at least a few of these 5 training syndroms.
You´ll learn how to teach all the basic skills a perfect pet dog needs - but also some very advanced tricks that will impress your friends! It shows how Mortens dog Kira (at 12 weeks old!) learned to offer heel position in just 15 minutes!
If you already have a copy of earlier editions, be sure to add this new edition to your library for its more than 70 photographs of clicker training in action. Because now you always know where to look for solutions when you want to fix a problem, teach a new behavior or improve your training.
They tell you that if you train with food the dog will only respond if you have food in your hands etc.
The treats are well hidden in our pockets until the dog offers the right behavior on his own.
AND we show you how to develop your own training skills so that you can become really good at clicker training. The foundation exercises are quite basic, but so clearly and joyfully presented, I feel inspired to retrain my dog all over again!
Clicker training is like a race car - great speed potential, but you must know how to drive it!
The problem for clicker training is the fact that poor clicker training is so easily spotted (since people always recognize the clicker!). See Morten and his young dog Kira (11 months) perform in real life - this it what supertraining looks like! Today Canis Clickertraining Academy is established in 30 cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and we have the privilege of testing our training methods with thousands of dogs each year.

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