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The bar has been set very high by my fur children and it doesn’t help that while I’m out shopping for a food that isn’t filled with mystery ingredients (makes mama happy) yet tastes like fillet mignon (makes them happy) I’m getting texts from Bubba reminding me he is STAAAAVIN! After popping open countless cans of the “good stuff” from oodles of gourmet, health-conscious dog food companies, one stands out head and tails above the others (and believe me, there have been A LOT of others).
Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix canned dog food was recommended to me by the manager of my local pampered doggie boutique.
The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and Bubba (otherwise known as Sir Bubba Von-Picky-Pants) woofed down his organic chow like he’d been served a meal from the doggie Ritz Carlton.
This was a historic event, as I cannot tell you how many times I’ve proudly opened cans of {pick just about any healthy dog food, we’ve tried most of them} dog food only to have Bubba quite literally turn his nose in the air and give me the YOU EXPECT ME TO EAT THIS look!
The Scoop: Your company has made feeding shelter and homeless dogs a commitment with over 4 million donated meals through your PetWorks Partners Program. One success story among thousands your readers may appreciate is what our food has done for Shadie, a pup from Austin Pets Alive. We introduced Shelia to our Facebook community, a 2-year-old dog who was available for adoption at Austin Pets Alive!. So if you are searching for a healthy, organic dog food made with quality ingredients and made here in the beautiful USA, look no further than Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix.

How wonderful to hear about your story, Kathy, and how you and sweet Cody are changing lives as a therapy dog team.
My best friend was Hudson (who died a couple months ago) but were due to get 2 new puppies in early April and I cant wait!
I was contacted by Merrick a few weeks ago, to see if I wanted to try out their new Backcountry Raw infused dog food. With two opinionated and outspoken pooches, each with different preferences, I spend my fare share of time in search of quality dog food. He explained that Castor & Pollux was “one of the best canned dog foods on the market”, grain-free, made with high-quality, USDA certified organic ingredients and made in the USA.
That’s why we are proud of our Petworks Partners Program and provide food to select shelters nationwide. She was severely overweight at 93 pounds and started on a weight loss journey with consistent vet care, an exercise and wellness regime and a diet of Organix Weight Management Dry Dog Food. She is a gentle, loving dog that is the middle of the pack and loves to run after and fetch oranges. I am being compensated for testing and providing my honest opinion on Merrick’s Backcountry food.

Nola really enjoys their canned foods, and I’m looking at getting a bag of the kibble the next time I need it. My Vet said there was no reason to kill a perfectly healthy dog so she kept the dog with the owners’ blessings. I literally can not bear thinking of him all alone and neglected lying down to have a seizure in that terrible place with no care.
He has had Castor & Pollox food along with fresh vegetables that I sometimes food process for him, a product called Rejenease for his atrophied painful rear legs (now healed!) and of course his medicine. The first can I opened was chunks of chicken in a thick broth, and they have all been very similar to that.
I believe that dogs need more of a carnivore, or raw diet, and Backcountry certainly fits that. On the 31st of December last year the ASPCA swooped in during the cold weather and confiscated the dogs.

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