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The Dog Breed Information Center® is not affiliated with, does not necessarily endorse, nor is it involved in any bidding for advertisements showing up in our banner ad space. The following list consists of purebred dogs and a few dogs that are in the latter development stages of becoming a purebred.
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The site is designed to make it easy: whether it is finding that perfect dog that fits your lifestyle, or that bit of information you need to know, you will probably find it here.

Some people may not consider some of the newer breeds on the list purebred dogs and some of the breeds listed may be questionable.
If you simply love dogs, you will love browsing through the many breed pages and tons of photos that are posted. It will tell you the stage of the dog's development; from there you can make your own educated assessment. This site is packed with information on breeds from all groups in an easy to follow format, with new breeds being added on a regular basis.
If you would like a full list including the Hybrids, visit All Purebred and Cross Breeds or visit our Search Category page for more search options.

From understanding natural dog behavior, detailed breed information, to care articles, to amazing dog photos, and even a breed selector, a rescue listing and breeder listing and more.

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