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To help you find your perfect pet match, determine your personality type from the ten options in each link below and see which cat or dog breed will make the perfect companion for you. While I loved the focus on the characteristics of animals, I was so disappointed that you didn't talk about the benefits and values of rescue animals - unconditional love because adopters have saved their lives. From family-oriented pooches to curious and inquisitive cats, we’ve got the information you need to find your new best friend.
There may be pure bred animals at any shelter, dogs or cats, that are perfect for any family. In fact, one study in the United Kingdom found that we seek out pets, particularly dogs, that share our own personality traits.

All of our cats have been shelter cats and they've been as loving and playful as any pure breed cat could be.
For a good part, selective breeding has blessed these breeds with lower than average energy levels. Because these Mexican dogs are so small, simply romping around is already a work- out for them. These dogs are easily adaptable, and as such, can virtually live in any environment as long as they are given some attention and care.
While these dogs are moderately quiet indoors, they will be extra happy to have access to an outdoor yard.

This breed is always willing to match his activity levels to those of his owners.Shar PeiDespite its past history as a herder, guardian, hunter and fighter, today the Chinese shar pei is just happy to be a loyal companion. Chinese shar pei though need though loads of early training and socialization so they can learn from an early age to accept people and other dogs as normal members of society.

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