Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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We are normally able to change the behaviour of most dogs including those whose owners think the only way out is either a trip to the dog pound or the vets.
We have had dogs who have bitten their owners, bitten friends and relations and who are basically out of control as well as dogs who have mild to serious dog aggression. A 2 or 3 week residential training course with us usually is the starting point at changing your dogs inappropriate behaviour, followed by a change in thinking of the owners.

You will then be given written instruction on how to modify your dogs behaviour at home, usually with both these (the obedience and your knowledge of dog pack behaviour) your dog will calm down and become a valued member of your family once more.
We have also had nuisance barkers, dogs who destroy the house when left alone and dogs with other separation anxiety issues, we are happy to say that with our training techniques we have managed to help most.

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