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Millan was walking a group of dogs, including the Great Dane, near his house in Studio City, CA.
According to TMZ, "One of Millan's neighbors was out walking his own dog, and when the neighbor reached out to let the Great Dane sniff his palm, the dog suddenly bit the man's hand and forearm.
A representative for Millan confirmed the attack, and said Cesar was walking a "troubled dog" as part of its training, when it got "spooked by a neighbor." The rep added that the Millan is still caring for the dog.
While there is no exact weight on the dog, Great Danes can range from 100 - 200 pounds, depending on the sex. The Dog Whisperer, as he's known, did not have contact with the animal in question, his lawyers say.
Central to Millan’s philosophy (and foremost in his use of incorrect science) is the belief that dogs are motivated by the need to be part of a stable pack hierarchy.
Millan suggests that while dogs are not wolves[8], a lot can be learned by observing these canine ancestors. Humans and the domestic dog co-evolved starting thousands of years ago.[38] The original theory was that proto-humans decided wolves could be useful, stole a number of pups, and reared them. Beck, AM, (1973) The ecology of stray dogs: A study of free-ranging Urban Animals, Baltimore, York Press.
Attorneys for Alison Bitney said in the complaint that she permanently lost feeling and function in her left hand after the attack at the dog owner's home in Santa Clarita. The canine was in her care after its owner surrendered him for being 'nervous, growling and doesn't like children,' according to Bitney's suit.'With the pit bull still attached to her left breast, Ms.

They would then have intentionally bred the tamest individuals, and eventually ended up with the modern dog. To Millan, every behavioral problem is rooted in dominance and pack hierarchy, which ignores a dog’s true mental state. 23, 2014, attack, just six days after the dog had been released by Millan's Dog Psychology Center.
She is seeking punitive damages.Jen Woodard, the director of the Dog Psychology Center, said in a statement that Millan never had contact with the dog and never trained the animal. Millan does not take into account the fact that dogs would have not have evolved into the animals they are today without interaction with of humans[4]. Small prey is generally devoured by whomever captures it.[30] Domestic dogs are foragers and scavengers rather than hunters and because they are generally alone, whatever they find, they eat.
During the course of his show, Millan repeatedly gets bitten by the dogs he’s working with and is proud of it. Regardless of whether the dog is fearful, anxious, excited, or has severe psychological issues, Millan diagnoses it as a dominance issue. As a trainer, I can tell how stressed and unhappy - not cured - the dogs portrayed on his show are.
The only way to help a lot of misinformed owners and mistreated dogs is by making the correct information known.
The dog must be aggressive, and the more aggressive it is, the greater an authority the trainer must be… The Lion Tamer Syndrome is not, not ever, about competence in training animals.

In fact, domestic dogs are notoriously bad at hunting – hundreds of years of human influence have disconnected them from the behavioral sequence of a true hunter[24]. Rickles a third time, latching onto her left arm and breaking it in two places,' reads the suit as obtained by Courthouse News.Despite the horrific nature of the attack and the grueling surgeries and rehabilitation the suit says Rickles had to endure, Gus was rescued by the woman who'd originally brought him to Rickles, Jennifer L. Both are prime ways for the owner and dog to get hurt – entirely because Millan has misrepresented the situation and the solution.
Therefore, requiring owners to eat before their dog is unnecessary - the supposed hierarchy it creates does not exist in any canine social group.
Some dogs may become so traumatized by flooding that they become aggressive and dangerous for the average person to handle. Romano.Bitney says Romano appealed to the judge, who allowed Gus to live so long as Milan's Dog Psychology Center then agreed to take the pit bull and rehabilitate it at Millan's center, according to the 27-page lawsuit. I’ve seen dogs mistreated by well-meaning owners who took his advice unquestioningly.
Any small amount of research would make it clear to a nonscientific layperson that dogs are not wolves, and in no way function on the dominance-centered hierarchy that Millan espouses as the basis of his theories.

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