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Everyone has their own pet theory regarding the real reasons dogs eat grass, the reason that’s clearly, obviously right. Looking at about 1,500 dogs (which is huge by veterinary study standards – we’re usually lucky to get 40 or 50 dogs enrolled), they found that somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of dogs ate grass, usually weekly. Less than ten percent of dogs were reported to be ill around the time of eating grass, and less than a quarter of them vomited afterwards. If you’ve noticed your dog vomiting after eating grass, it’s natural to assume that one caused the other because these things are linked in a short timeframe. They do postulate that the roughage in the grass may have helped ancestral dogs rid themselves of worms, but there’s no science behind this theory.
If your dog is losing weight, vomits or has diarrhea regularly, then it doesn’t matter how much grass they’re eating – they need a checkup with your vet.
Some veterinarians believe that dogs eat grass because their prepared diets are lacking in greens.
February 10, 2015 By Carlotta Cooper Leave a Comment No one really knows why dogs eat grass but there are some theories.
There’s always the possibility that your dog could be missing some nutrients in his diet and he has a craving for something found in the grass. If your dog regularly eats grass you could try switching him to a dog food with more fiber. There doesn’t seem to be one good scientifically proven reason why dogs eat grass, but there are many possible reasons that make a lot of sense.

It’s also assumed that some dogs eat grass simply because they like the way it feels in their mouth, or that it is coated with something that flavors the grass. Finally, some believe that dogs eat grass out of boredom or suffer from an extensive need to eat or chew (and in that case would eat anything around them). If your dog is a grass eater, it’s always important to be cautious about how much he is eating and from where. I’d have to say this lines up with my experience as my dumb-happy and lovable three-legged dog, Rocco, can usually be seen out in the yard, noshing on some greenery about once a week. If they’re eating grass to make themselves vomit (presumably so they’ll fit into that little black Dolce & Gabbana number), then they’ve picked a pretty inefficient way to go about it. Since dogs are descended from wolves and foxes, when they hunted for food they ate the entire “kill.” They wound up eating a lot of plants and berries because much of their prey was herbivores (plant-eating animals).
And as some support of this contention, dogs sometimes seek out a particular variety of grass to nibble. Most vets, canine behaviorists, and others think that it’s a normal behavior for dogs. Your dog can probably distinguish different kinds of grasses better than you can, whether by flavor or scent. Dogs don’t digest grass very well but that might not stop your dog from wanting to taste and eat it sometimes. Others go further and suggest that the reason they are eating grass is to make themselves throw up, in turn allowing them to feel better.

The vast majority of dogs who eat grass are feeling just fine, thanks very much, and don’t get all whoopsy afterwards.
Most pesticides are safe for dogs and kids to walk on when dry, but I’d be pretty nervous about letting my dog eat grass that was recently sprayed with anything, dry or not. Interestingly, carnivores tend to go for the stomach and its contents first, so it's likely that dogs may eat grass because they like it and it was once part of their normal diet.
Likewise, lots of dogs enjoy some eating some vegetables even though they don’t have much nutritional need for them. There is nothing wrong with your dog enjoying eating some grass as long as it doesn’t have chemicals or herbicides on it.
Although they like to eat meat, they can also survive on a well-balanced vegetarian diet: Cats, on the other hand, may die without animal protein. Other animals, such as dogs and cats, eat grass more sporadically, and usually as a snack, not a meal. Like all living creatures, dogs need a combination of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water in a balanced diet that provides enough calories to meet their daily needs.
Most veterinarians believe that dogs eat grass simply because they like it, and vomiting naturally follows.

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