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While no dog is truly hypoallergenic as all dogs shed some allergens, there are some breeds that are known to be better for allergy-sufferers.
Fun Fact: These fluffy dogs were once the companions to Buddhist monks and the guard dogs of nomadic herdsmen. Maltese Terriers are known for their gorgeous white silky coats, but you won't find them shedding on your furniture or clothes.
Brussels Griffon dogs are known for their watchdog abilities and their friendly disposition. Poodles, coming in three different sizes (Toy, Miniature, and Standard), are one of the most popular dogs in the world.
Fun Fact: Aside from not shedding very much, poodles are also known for being virtually odourless.

Fun Fact: The West Highland White Terrier was originally bred from the Cairn and Scottish Terriers to create a breed that would not be mistaken for a fox when hunting. With dog allergies so common, many pet lovers are seeking hypoallergenic dog breeds - sometimes paying thousands of dollars to get them. They make our list because they shed minimally, but this bushy breed still requires a lot of grooming.
They've been known as Roman Ladies' Dogs and were suspected to be used to catch rodents in ancient and medieval cities. Their coat sheds very little and they are considered a hypoallergenic breed, but the Portuguese Water Dog still requires regular grooming.
These intelligent dogs are known for their skills in agility, obedience, tracking, and even animal-therapy.

After Chinese traders let the dogs board their ships to hunt vermin, they were renamed the Chinese Crested. Add to that a low-shed, hypoallergenic coat and minimal grooming and you've got an all-around great pet. While they tend to bond with one person more than others, Brussels Griffon dogs make excellent pets for families with children. Dog shedding is a big problem for many pet owners, but it's another strike off the list for owners of hypoallergenic dog breeds.

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