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Inflammatory bowel disease in dogs continues to be one of the most challenging conditions for veterinarians to treat.
Dogs suffering from IBD may demonstrate such signs as chronic or recurring vomiting, loose stools, loss of appetite, lethargy, low-grade fever, poor-quality hair coat and weight loss—signs that can be present in other medical conditions, making diagnosing IBD trickier.
Granulomatous enteritis: A biopsy is needed to identify this rare type of IBD and rule out other possible medical conditions, such as histoplasmosis or fungal disease. Once IBD has been diagnosed, Wakshlag favors gradually switching a dog’s diet, if the main proteins have been common ones such as beef, chicken or lamb.
The goal with the nutritional approach is to calm the immune system that has been working overtime to combat allergens, and to give the inflamed, painful GI tract time to heal.
Wakshlag says prednisone has been the synthetic steroid of choice to protect a dog’s intestinal lining, ease digestive upset and restore a healthy appetite in affected dogs.

In the future, Drazner believes that immunosuppressant agents such as CellCept will be more widely utilized to combat IBD in dogs. Whether you call it irritable bowel syndrome in dogs, canine IBD, inflammatory bowel disease or intestinal inflammation, the cure is the same and it isn't drugs. Brown Rice For Dogs Nov 18, 15 02:07 PMWhat you should know about brown rice for dogs.
Fish Oil For Dogs Nov 14, 15 01:25 PMFish oil for dogs has become all the rage but your choice means everything. The cure for this painful, chronic gastrointestinal condition remains elusive, but a treatment plan that combines the synthetic steroid budesonide with a novel protein or hydrolyzed diet is generating support among leading veterinary specialists in the internal and nutritional fields. Considered the most common type of IBD, it is identified through a biopsy that confirms excessive numbers of lymphocytes and plasma cells on the colon wall or small intestine.

The scope, connected to a light source, camera and computer monitor, permits a veterinarian to collect biopsy samples and examine the condition of a dog’s colon, stomach or small intestine to detect any swelling, bleeding or presence of ulcers or foreign bodies. The veterinarian works with the client to introduce a specific protein the dog has never consumed, such as bison, kangaroo or rabbit. I have used it on four dogs—a golden retriever, springer spaniel, Brittany spaniel and a Yorkshire terrier, and it has improved their quality of life.
You may also make homemade broth (see Fasting for Health) for the fasting period but absolutely no solid food.

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