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The number of dog attacks on people in NSW has increased threefold since 2007 but funding for companion animal issues has been cut in the latest budget.
Sophie Cotsis: "Despite an increase in the number of dangerous dog attacks across the state, we have actually seen a cut in the funding from this government".
On Tuesday, William Sacilotto pleaded guilty to two dog attack charges and was ordered to pay $6400 after his dogs, also American Staffordshire terriers, tore an ear off 20-year-old Ben Arthur as he took his own dog for a walk in East Hills.
A distraught Olinda dog owner said dangerous dog laws don’t work, after her aged bull terrier was kept from her because Yarra Ranges Council mistook the animal for a pit bull.

Ms Hobart, 78, said she was not contacted by the council about Rosie and had to find out herself that the dog was at Animal Aid in Coldstream. This is is a great example of how the visual identification guide does not work,and based on decisions from people who seem to have no idea about dogs or dog breeds. The dogs' owner, Michael Ames, did not appear in court on Wednesday and the matter was adjourned until August 28. She said over the past two years, the line item called ''reported dog attacks'' had vanished from government papers.

The microchip would have helped find her family, and if she is not registered, maybe that is because not everyone can afford to register their dog every year.
Campbelltown is the second-highest location for serious attacks while, in regional NSW, Wollongong heads the league table.

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