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Even if you're a complete sewing novice, you can easily create a magnificent personalized dog collar for your furry friend with this concise and easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial.You can easily learn how to make a personalized dog collar. This tutorial contains instructions on how to make a dog collar for your pet, regardless of the breed. Crafted of tough nylon webbing, this buckle collar features sonic-welded seams, which are twice as strong as stitched seams, and smooth tapered edges for a comfortable fit.
Repeat customer - this is the 2nd collar I've ordered - I had the first collar for at least a year and the personalized stitching stayed intact perfectly. This tutorial will provide you with not only to make the dog collar, but also to easily embellish the accessory with a beautifully embroidered name or message!If you are nervous about this craft, thinking that you are not the best at sewing and embroidery - don't worry one bit.

One additional hole punched in the collar renders it too short for the end to reach the keeper in the buckle, and the collar will come loose.
They are well made and really like that my phone number is easy to read should my dog wander away (tags can fall off) but the true test was the quality of the buckle. Every bit of the process has accompanying pictures showing exactly what to do, both for making a cute and safe collar base and for embroidering the collar.Just imagine creating a gorgeous collar with custom sizing, custom fabric, and even your dog's name on it.
They were beyond affordable and I just know that anything from this company will be well made and the customer service is excellent. Please note: To determine correct collar size, measure your dog's neck with a fabric tape measure.

I'm only replacing it because I was buying one for our new dog and decided to get the older girl a shiny new one too.

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