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It may be noted that dog separation anxiety is mostly common in urban dogs where most of the family members are working or need to stay out of the house for any reason. Handling the dog professionally is one of the most effective ways to cure dog separation anxiety. I hope you have now understood the measures needed to be taken if your dog is suffering from dog separation anxiety.
Lastly, but probably most important, is the conditioning of your puppy (*check how to raise a puppy in a good way!). In this section we will discuss dog separation anxiety and the best dog training techniques, tips, tools, devices, methods and commands on how to cure this upsetting condition – after all your pooch does not want to be feeling this anxious or upset anymore than you would. We will describe a recent case where we used a particular dog training technique to help cure a close relative’s Yorkshire Terrier of this upsetting and debilitating behavior problem.
If you want more information on how to cure more specific dog or puppy behavior problems such as those listed below. If you want to cure these problems then check out our sections on curing more common problems associated with dog separation anxiety and separation anxiety in dogs.

The dog training techniques and methods that we used to cure this nasty case of dog separation anxiety are not a definitive treatment of separation anxiety in dogs but a solution that worked for Honey. Honey had developed separation anxiety after a frightening experience that she encountered when scared by a noisy firework. The dog obedience training techniques that we used took approximately 6 weeks to cure the anxiety but will vary from dog to dog and also depending on the severity of the problem.
To help cure this problem we started by teaching Honey that she did not always have to be around the owner to feel safe and secure. Now the next step to help cure this problem was to get Honey used to being outside when the owner was inside.
To help cure the separation anxiety in Honey the owner limited the time that they were apart to a few seconds and up to a minute at first.
The idea is not to wait until Honey started getting stressed and anxious but for the owner to be reunited before any signs of Honey showed any signs of separation anxiety.
Now we had to cure Honey’s dog separation anxiety problem by eliminating the actual distress that Honey was feeling every-time the owner left the House.

The final step in curing the dog separation anxiety that Honey was suffering from was to expand on the training process outlined in Step 3. Of course there are medications that are available for dog separation anxiety but this is something that doesn’t fit well with our ethos on dog obedience training. You will also find some good dog training tips and commands that will show you how to raise a puppy!
Some of the dog diets are being researched, and are possibly one of the considerations known to cause anxiety which then results in dog separation anxiety. You should not punish your dog for behavior which can be a result of dog separation anxiety.

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