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Dog owners should not expect neutering to be a cure-all for leash aggression writes animal behaviour consultant Yvette Van Veen.
Correcting the problem of leash aggression is often easy, because dogs that lunge and bark on leash usually play well with others once off leash.
Many owners neuter their dog so they can enjoy their pet without the risk of an unwanted litter. The dog is frustrated with the restrictions and barriers that are inherent with being on leash.

His trainer says that neutering will calm him, reducing his desire to get to other dogs and fix his reactivity.
As aggression goes, it is also one of the easiest problems to treat because these dogs play well with others when off leash. Leash aggressive dogs need to learn how to get to what they want without charging and lunging. For example, freedom to play with a friend is given to the dog as a reward for walking politely.

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