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When we get a call for “my dog does not come when called” type of behavior, it can range anywhere from my dog comes to me only when there are treats to my dog will not come to me even if I was holding a steak while he has a squirrel on his mind. In our Train as you live™ dog training system we view the Come command as The Lifesaver, and expect and train your dog to come as soon as you call….. In our Train as you live™ dog training system, we help your dog deal with situations that once produced aggressive behavior, replacing it with acceptable behavior.
Everyone agrees that when they are at work and some weirdo is looking through their windows, they expect and hope, that their dogs will bark at that weirdo. Over the years we have worked with Excessive Barking issues ranging anywhere from dogs who have howled only when left alone, to dogs constantly barking no matter what’s going on. We’ve had clients, before they joined Off Leash Dog Training, whos' dogs pulled on the leash so much that their owner ended up slipping and falling resulting in sometimes seriously injured hands, knees, ankles and even with a couple cases of shoulder injuries requiring surgery.
Leash pulling issues can range anywhere from your dog slightly pulling on the leash during part of the walk to your dog outright dragging you for the entire walk. Although you will not need a leash once your dog graduates from the Off Leash Dog Training program, most communities have leash laws regardless of the obedience level of dogs, so we do teach loose leash walking, along with our complete off leash obedience in our training programs. We have 100% success rate on people who have used our Train as you live™ dog training system for running away issues. Naturally when your dog does not respect you this will lead to a host of other issues Chiefly NOT listening to you when needed. In Our dogs are family concept, respect is the cornerstone of establishing proper ranking and respect amongst members of the group.
When we decided it was time for us to add a dog to our family, we put a lot of research into what breed would best suit us and our lifestyle. We donate 10% of our training income to fund local organizations that proactively work with dogs.
About usAt Off Leash Dog Training we believe that a well trained dog will not only deepen the guardian-dog relationship, but is key in shifting towards a more dog loving culture overall. Dealing with a canine that barks excessively can prove frustrating for even the most patient dog owner. Once you understand the root causes of dog barking, you’ll be better equipped to seek a proper solution.
Reaction to a Specific Stimuli: Some dogs bark in response to exciting stimuli, such as delivery people, loose dogs or cats, squirrels, or unfamiliar noises.
Play Behavior: Barking can be a normal component of play, and can be directed towards people, other animals, or toys. Medical Problems: Older dogs that suffer from deafness or cognitive problems and dogs that are in pain may also bark excessively.
Just as a dog can be trained to comply with commands, it can also be trained to know when barking is appropriate (such as when an unexpected visitor arrives at your house).
When trying to curtail a dog’s barking, as with any other training program, be consistent and clear about just what you want your dog to do. This can be accomplished by keeping your dog by your side on an indoor lead at problematic times. While there are few sure-fire ways to eliminate barking altogether, many strategies exist to curb dog barking to a tolerable level. Counter-conditioning: This method involves teaching your dog an alternative behavior in response to a stimulus that would normally induce barking. A veterinary behaviorist can also determine whether your dog’s barking originates from an underlying medical problem, as serious health issues can incite some dogs to bark excessively.
As frustrating as incessant barking can be, most veterinarians agree that debarking surgery is not the proper solution.

Just because you bring your dog on vacation doesn’t mean your dog will take a vacation from barking. Constant exposure to sound of barking really can induce extreme distressYou can picture the scene. How to stop excessive dog barking - Advice from Aussie dog owners to help prevent excessive dog barking - Oz Doggy - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth. While it is a popular fact that around 50% of Australian families own a cat or a dog, it then follows that 50% of the population do not.
Please find below useful tips to help you, your dog and your neighbours live a happier life.
We have worked with a range of dog aggression from dogs who are aggressive only when on a leash to dogs who have attacked their owners several times over food, toys, and going into their kennels. In our Train as You Live™ dog training system we understand the dog’s need and sometimes essential purpose to bark. Safety for the well being of your dog, as well as your neighbors, and other people your dog may come across.
This is where your dog understands by being with you and listening to you, she gets more freedom instead of running away freedom. Your dog will respect your position and the authority resulting in a balanced relationship and that leads to an obedient dog.
Seth is gifted in seeing things from the dogs perspective and showing us a solution to teach her in a way that she understands. We went from being terrified that she would get run over by a car every time she “escaped” from the house to being able to walk our dog off leash!!
Before his (and our) dog training,he was hyper, food aggressive, a submissive pee-er, and pulled on the leash like a one-dog dogsled team making record time across the Arctic. I just received an email from our friends at CMPD Animal Control about Summer heat and Dog Safety.
This might entail keeping your dog away from windows or supervising your dog when he goes outside. Eventually, your dog’s barking will lessen, as he no longer associates barking with getting what he wants.
Dog owners should be cautioned that use of punishment sometimes backfires, resulting in increased barking.
If your dog barks at other dogs while on walks, you can train him to instead focus on you in order to receive a treat.
In the case of a behavioral problem like barking, a veterinary behaviorist could assess the issue and provide viable treatment options.
With this method, a dog’s vocal cords are surgically removed in order to prevent barking. It’s simply too extreme of a solution, given that many other options for treatment of barking are available.
In fact, new stimuli associated with a vacation destination may incite your dog to bark more than usual. If your dog develops a barking behavior problem during vacation, you may need to keep him under constant supervision to prevent your dog from ruining the experience for fellow vacationers. If your dog is not yet capable of controlling his barking, then save inclusion of your canine for the next trip.
It is the right of families to own a dog, but it is also the right of neighbours not to be greatly impacted by that decision.
Home owners often don’t know their dogs are barking until they get a nasty letter in their letterbox from a neighbour or a council complaint.

Although aggression is a normal part of a dog’s life, it is never acceptable in a family setting, especially when we have small children and other animals.
So we teach our dogs the meaning of the “Quiet” command, then to teach our dogs when to be “Quiet.” Think about it. After five years of dog aggression, struggling to go on walks, and only having our closest friends and family over (those that were not scared at least) we were at our wits end. For example, this type of specialist could establish whether separation anxiety is, in fact, the catalyst of your dog’s barking. Although this can be expensive, it may well be cheaper than the type of fines you can face if your dog continues to bark.Some people consider buying a second dog to keep the first dog company, but this is not a reliable way to stop dogs barking, as was the case with Mrs Stephenson of Ealing. Speak to your vet for advice.To understand the difficulties, you have to get inside the mind of a dog. Running her 2 miles a day and taking her on multiple walks was just not enough to calm her down and get her to act the way we always envisioned the perfect dog to act. We knew Eleanor was a sweet dog, but her behavior outside of our home and around strangers was unacceptable.
But then, just as you settle down on your creaky sun lounger, your peace is shattered.It’s the dog next door, and it’s barking. Your neighbours may end up having to endure twice the noise as the two set each other off!Second, make sure that your dog has plenty of exercise and enough to eat.
Most importantly, we have been trained to be good dog owners and effective pack leaders in the process as well. From jumping on and “attacking” any visitors with excitement to dragging my poor wife to the ground during walks, our dog was terrible.
When we started training our dog with Turk, we noticed an almost immediate shift in Arthur’s personality. A well-fed, physically tired dog is much more likely to be a quiet dog.If it’s dark, leave a light on — and consider leaving on a TV or radio, as the sound of humans, even recorded voices, is known to make dogs more relaxed. We have learned how to handle our highly energetic, crazy (in a good way!) dog…if any one has a boxer, you know what I am talking about!
When taking her into any pet store in Charlotte, Riley would constantly jump on us, other customers and knock everything over in excitement. When we walk around the neighborhood people are commenting on how well behaved our dogs are and how they wish their dogs would walk like ours.
Essentially, your dog will live separate from the family and not be able to protect your home because she is constantly being put up somewhere.
Over the course of the program he became almost like a new dog, no longer aggressive with his food or bones, calmer and more loving, and we’re even able to prevent the urination when he meets new people and dogs! In addition, through Off Leash Dog Training in Charlotte we have had the opportunity to continue training Tink with group lessons.
With an increasing adolescent storm of misbehavior, I realized that I needed to do something or I’d never have the kind of relationship I wanted with my dog – an obedient, well mannered, and reliable off leash dog that I could show off to visitors, and not wince with anticipation of what he was going to do next.
These dog training group lessons are extremely helpful, and it is great to meet with other dog loving people in Charlotte who may be having the same issues. I get stopped all the time by people in the neighborhood asking how I got my dog to be so respectful and mindful!

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