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I prefer to give a dog an opportunity to stop barking on their own but Sonny showed no signs of stopping anything soon so I gave his owner a leash and asked him to put it on. As soon as she put the leash on Sonny, he stopped his barking and his energy level dropped a bit. I waited a moment then slowly slid my foot towards Sonny to take the tension off the leash. I wanted to give Sonny time to acclimate to the new dynamic and come to me when he was more comfortable so I went over some new ways for his owners to communicate with him in a non verbal fashion. It was clear that Sonny considered himself equal to his owners and this was a big part of the reason he did not listen when his owners attempted to disagree with any unwanted actions and behaviors.
Because Sonny is an energetic dog who also pulled not he leash, I wanted to work on his walking behavior. To prevent this from happening, I suggesters that his owners drop the leash or put it back the second that Sonny starts to get excited. Because Sonny’s owner had told me that he pulled, lunged and jumped on walks, I fitted him up with a Martingale collar and added my special twist to the leash. Once outside I went over a few techniques and movements to help keep Sonny in a heel position as well as paying attention to his owners. Once we returned home, I showed his owner how to claim the door and calm Sonny down when a guest knocked on the door.
When Sonny heard the first knock, he started barking and bouncing around the room the way he has always done. Another friend went outside and knocked on the door a few minutes later for one of his owners to practice this new technique on their own. We can now communicate to Sonny using our body language, a few simple commands, and eye contact or lack of eye contact.
David showed how to use a Martingale collar and short leash to correct is leash pulling which miraculously worked, just by giving a quick tug on the leash when he starts to charge ahead, sniff, look for cats, squirrels ect.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sonny’s owner asked me to help her stop his jumping up on people, pulling on the leash, barking and getting so excited he had difficulty controlling himself. He barked in an alerting fashion while darting towards and away from me once I got inside the front door. As soon as Sonny saw the leash, he walked away into the kitchen and his owner followed behind him.
I took the leash and dropped it on the ground so I could step on it about a foot away from his head. This was the greeting I wanted so I made an effort to stay still and continue the conversation with a calm consistent tone of voice. I pulled out a high value meat treat and extended my arm to my side with the treat in my open palm. To help change this perception I introduced a leadership exercise that involves placing a high value meat treat on the floor and communicating that Sonny was to leave it alone. I suggested that they repeat this exercise each time they leave their home until Sonny instinctively sits at the door waiting for permission from his owner before heading out. While the Martingale collar helped stop the pulling, waiting for Sonny to enter a calm relaxed state before leaving their home ensured that the walk was conducted with a similar zen and energy level. This time Sonny’s reaction to the knocking was far less intense and only required one correction to stop his barking.
He was responding to his owner’s lead, commands and corrections immediately and had stopped moving away any time I moved. It’s only been 5 days since we saw David last week and Sonny has already shown a big improvement in his bad habits. I gave him no direct eye contact and ignored him as I introduced myself to one of his owners.

Once I was sure he was relaxed, I slowly took my foot of the leash making sure to not let Sonny know he was free. Pulling a dog away by the collar or leash can often intensify the reaction as the dog is now trying to break free and react to the guest. After walking about 10 feet away, Sonny remembered that he was not accustomed to my presence and scooted to the far side of the room. With some practice, Sonny will learn that he his owners will only proceed with the walk when he remains in a calm and balanced state of mind. Movement is a common trigger for dogs and often causes them to react which Sonny did by standing up and starting to move to the doorway.
This simple exercise will go a long ways towards calming Sonny down and reinforcing that he should look to his owner for guidance. After a while I had his other owner take the leash so I could give her some tips and pointers on leading Sonny through a structured walk.
I made a sound to disagree with his barking then took a sudden and deliberate step towards the dog to move him away. I asked Sonny’s owners how that greeting compared to his usual reaction and they informed me it was far less intense and ended much sooner. What a relief to find a trainer that works directly with your dogs specific issues and shows you how to correct behaviors with simple steps that are easy to do on a daily basis – no problem.
By allowing Sonny to work up the nerve to come claim this treat, I was helping him to learn a new way of meeting guests at his home. Once a few feet from the door, he started to bark again so I corrected him with my sound and waited for him to settle a bit before I placed my hand on the door knob.

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