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Our selection of mountain climbing rope equipped with some of the strongest hardware makes our dog leashes some of the strongest made in USA.The 316 stainless steel swivel clip is a traditional style clip seen on many dog leashes.
We prefer the stronger stainless steel clip, it more reliable.All of our climbing rope dog leashes can be upgraded with a locking carabiner.
Carabiner dog leashes are popular with hikers and attach well to both collars, and harness of medium to extra large dogs.The length of your dog leash, and how it is used is important. Check out our blog for some simple helpful tips on selecting the best climbing rope dog leashes.A hands free leash like the Jaeger with its swivel clips or carabiners on both ends is a great choice for adventurous walks, and hiking with your big dog. The coupler is 2ft long using a reinforced UV resistant nylon plastic eye, and marine grade 316 stainless steel swivel clips, the same clips used on most of our climbing rope dog leashes. The main leash uses a high strength CE rated nanoSwivel, the smallest available, and a locking carabiner combination allowing you to clip into the coupler or even use the main leash independently. The Ultimate Dog Leash is definitely for the Big Dogs.Slip Leads can be an excellent training leash for big dogs that pull on lead or a perfect lead for that well trained, easy going dogs. Slip Leads are a different style of climbing rope dog leash frequently seen used at the vet or kennels when transporting dogs. Animal rescue teams, and individual use slip leads when in the field rescuing homeless dogs. This style leash is strong & reliable, and a perfect leash for those knowledgeable in its safe and correct use. We want to help answer any questions you may have regarding our custom climbing rope dog leashes or services. To the original owner we fully guarantee the workmanship and materials of our custom dog leashes so long as they are subjected to fair use.

That's backed up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and awesome customer service.Knock Offs, Fakes and CopiesThere are knock offs, fakes and copies of our custom climbing rope dog leashes for sale online. Different colored climbing rope is available.Both the leash and coupler are built with CE rated climbing rope, compact black locking carabiner, CNC machined nanoSwivel with stainless steel axle and sealed bearings. The stainless steel clips we use are superior to  those of similar style seen on most dog leads.The quality of materials, method of assembly and attention to details ensures that your custom leash will last for years.
Designed for the Big Dogs, climbing rope dog leashes are best used with medium to extra large dogs. Unlike similar styled dog leashes we use the best climbing rope, the same rope used by professional mountain climbers and mountain rescue teams.A dogs leash is its life line between you and harm’s way. A dogs leash is a simple design but should not be built with simple materials.The climbing rope used in building your custom dog leash is NEW, CE rated, and available in various colors. We do not use factory seconds or recycled climbing rope as seen in less expensive versions of our own original climbing rope dog leashes.
We offer different length and clips that are best suited for walking, training or hiking with your big dog.For most dogs, a four or six foot dog leash with stainless steel clip is best. These are stronger and heaver than similar designed nickle and chrome plated clips used on most dog leashes. Stainless steel clips will last for years and work perfectly on our custom dog leashes.Carabiner dog leashes are a popular choice for strong dogs. If you need the added strength of a carabiner, and the ability for it to swivel, take a look at our Ultimate Dog Leash with nanoSwivel and carabiner. If your large dog is well trained and relaxed on lead, a carabiner dog leash with out the swivel is just fine and still provides the added strength and safety expected from carabiners.The Ultimate Dog Leash was originally designed for my own large dog during hikes in the mountains.

One could at least hold on for the ride if using our Ultimate Dog Leash.The ultimate dog leash uses a professional swivel with a stainless steel axle and sealed bearings.
These work perfectly with our climbing rope dog leashes.Slip leads are a simple dog leash design.
We took the English style slip lead and Americanized it with climbing rope and our original customized rope connections.
Slip leads are popular with animal rescue teams, veterinarians and many dog trainers.Jaeger dog leash, or a hands free over-the-shoulder dog leash is great for hiking with your big dog. These are worn over the shoulder and clip in to an adjustable O ring on the main leash or into a second O ring on the dogs end of the lead. This style dog leash allows you to keep your hands free and still maintain control of your dog. Available in a regular or pro version, a coupler can be a good way to walk two dogs together.Couplers or Double Dog Leash can be bought individually or with a matching leash. Although stronger than most dog couplers, these are not built with the intention of having your dogs pull anything.Dogs are family.

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