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At least part of the rumor stems from the belief that this passed down from from the Aztecs, where the Chihuahua dog has its origin.
For the superstitious or for those desperate to help a loved one, the belief that the dog is drawing the asthma out of their family member and taking it on himself might have been very comforting. Due to Chihuahuas having less hair, it is true that they are less likely to provoke allergies than some other breeds, however, owning a Chihuahua will not cure Asthma. Luckily however, there are several medications that are very effective at both preventing the onset of an Asthma attack and minimizing the effects during.

The other is that somehow Chihuahuas act in regards to Asthma the way a sponge acts in regards to water. Looking for reasons why this would occur, lead some to assume that it occurred more frequently in the homes of people who happened to own Chihuahuas.
And while there is evidence that at one time Chihuahuas provided a food source for the Aztecs, there is also proof that Chihuahuas were regarded as a type of spiritual guide that could assist an Aztec in the afterlife. As a result, many families of asthmatic children have purchased these little dogs as family pets.

This information is similar to the notion that Chihuahuas absorb the Asthmas out of the sick person.

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