Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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I, too, have worked with dogs a lot, not in fostering, but I have been a groomer and worked for 2 vets. We own two adult dogs who can have some separation anxiety problems when we are away from home on vacations and such. His loving owner doted on him until the husband broke his hip, was taken away by medics in an ambulance and had to move into a nursing home that would not take large dogs.

Mason destroyed countless doorframes, prized possessions, several quits - including a down quilt, pooped all over the floor, etc. He is an extremely well-behaved dog, always has been, but he seems to suffer from separation anxiety when my husband or I leave.
I am currently expecting my first child, so the dog is rarely left alone (and when he is it's for 4 hours or less), but with a lot of upcoming doctor appointments, I am worried the problem will continue.

I can't stand the thought of losing him, but with a baby on the way, I cannot afford to lose my home either.

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