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As you can see, when we imagine the dog itself as our foundation, it becomes evident how important a role selective breeding plays into a dog’s potential for overall success. We also see it is possible to work on more than one aspect of our dog’s development at a time. Imagine attempting some aspect of training on your pup’s first day afield if he had no previous exposure. Even dogs primarily used for upland hunting are going to have to cross a creek occasionally, and very likely have an opportunity to retrieve a pheasant from a cattail marsh. Doing this forces us to rethink and make better choices as we continue socializing the pup to all aspects of the hunting dog world, and as we begin to lay in some of the basic commands.
If all early trips are to the vet where the pup gets stuck with a needle, he won’t be too anxious to load up on training days. Playing with family members and other dogs you own is a start, but the more exposure you can provide, the better. This is vital since If we use treats our dog will then have expectations, even when they are out in the fields.
There certainly are great amounts of joy that can be obtained from training you own gun dog, but extreme frustration can also be experienced if a person rushes or is uncertain of proper training techniques.

A clear picture of our task better enables us to sort out various aspects and see how each fits as we plan training sessions. Or we can help a friend in his advanced training and bring our pup along as a way of introducing him to travel. Trips to the park or a basic obedience class all play into forming a solid, well-adjusted dog.
So let him run free to explore the fields, the shadows and to chase meadowlarks and game birds. All in all there are three main questions that one must ask himself when trying to decide whether to train his own dog or calling in a Pro Trainer. For instance, an average hunting dog (a dog who hunts about 10 - 20 days a season) will take far less preparation than a bragging rights field trailer. If a new puppy is the primary pupil, then one can not expect a finished dog going into the first season.
The bragging rights bird dog will require a few lessons that a pro trainer can deliver best, for instance force fetch, and remaining steady to wing and shot.
Most filed trailers that I know will not even begin to pressure a dog until it is one year old or older.

At this point it is worth mentioning that when discussing time the average trial dog will spend three to four times more time in training than the average hunter.
The trial dog will see hundreds or even thousands of more repetitions in the yard than the average hunting dog thus creating the absolute broke dog. If you are new to bird hunting and have never had a bird dog before, then it would be worthwhile to seek advice from a professional.
If you are a person who is detailed oriented, and has spent much time in the bird fields then training a new dog should not be to difficult. If lessons are kept short and positive then you and the dog both will enjoy the lessons much more.
In conclusion, when deciding to train or not to train one must evaluate himself fist and then the dog.

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