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Whether you’re looking for a dog name to reflect your Chihuahua‘s giant attitude, complement your Poodle‘s perfect locks, or reflect your Irish Setter’s impressive heritage, we’ve got ideas.
Those signature ears, eternally pricked, will hear you calling from the neighboring zip code, so make sure choose a fitting name. If this dainty white angel has fluttered into your heart nameless, consider choosing a moniker no other lap dog at the park will be answering to: Steve.
If your Siberian Husky came straight from Russia with love, choose a name that celebrates the country’s rich heritage, like Smirnoff or Piroshki.
With Pomeranians, the fur factor is high–choosing a name that speaks to all that hair is almost inevitable.

The Brittany takes his name from the Celtic area of northwest France that was once an independent kingdom.
One of the oldest living dog breeds on record, the Afghan Hound is an elegant canine who deserves of an equally elegant moniker; here are the top offerings for males and females. Cozette, Harold, Percy, and other names that are perfect for a male or female Shih Tzu dog — one of the most popular small canine breeds in existence. With his high energy, run for miles personality, this spunky breed deserves an equally spunky name. The Newfoundland’s sweet nature makes him an ideal family dog and his physical agility a supreme swimming companion.

Obama has called the selection of the world’s most powerful dog “a major issue” and we couldn’t agree more.
Gunner Rusty Captain Bandit Birdie Max Freckles Cassidy Duke Skylar See all DogTime dog names.
This is the dog who was entrusted with babysitting the Darling children in the Peter Pan novel!

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