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Largely misunderstood as an aggressive dog, the Bull Terrier is a companion dog that loves both children and grown ups alike. Although not the most energetic of the other dog breeds, the Bulldog is a friendly and loyal dog that has a great tendency to form bonds with children, other dogs and pets as well. The Collie is one of the most affectionate and loyal dogs, and they are highly affectionate to children. Known for its royal red coat, the Irish Setter is an energetic, playful and social dog who loves to amuse children with its antics. Having a dog is the best way to teach your child valuable lessons such as compassion, friendship, selfless love, sense of belonging, composure, responsibility, tolerance, empathy, and most importantly, the attitude to see life in a positive manner and enjoy the present. Author Bio:  James is consistently involved in the endeavors to provide the best dog walking advice to the dog lovers. On a similar note, small dogs can be injured when a rough and tumble child falls onto them.

Getting a pet for your children is a great way to teach them responsibility, but not all animals are good with kids. Protective of the children, they require nominal grooming and exercise, making them a perfect companion for small children.
A perfect match for kids who are always high on energy, as this gorgeous dog requires a lot of exercise. Their small size means they don’t need to live in a huge house and their even temperament is great for children.
The wagging tail, wet nose, innocent eyes and incessant licking and craving for affection make dogs one of the most cherished pets all over the world. This breed can be perfect for large families, as well as for kids who themselves are a little restless. One of the cleanest breeds of dogs, the Collie is a devoted family dog, always trying to please its owners.

If you have a huge house with a yard, then the Irish Setter is the perfect dog for your family. Active and energetic, the retriever with its always pleasing demeanor is the best companion you can ever gift your child. The Terrier loves children and a little obedience training is all that is required to make them your kid’s perfect companion. They aren’t the most rambunctious of pets, which may be good for you even if the kids want a more energetic animal. However, you can still get one for your apartment as long as you give it plenty of time outside.

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