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In other words, you’re probably going to need to do some measuring and calorie counting to get used to how much food your Chihuahua actually needs. Of course, not all dogs are the same size, so as a general rule, Chihuahuas need 40-50 calories for every pound of bodyweight (I told you you’d have to do some math!).
And that’s usually the trick with Chihuahuas: finding a food that she (1) likes and (2) has a good protein-to-calorie ratio. For this reason, lean meats like chicken, bison, venison and fish are all some of the things you want to see on an ingredient label.
Chihuahuas are also prone to hypoglycemia, so good, complex carbohydrates are a must, which means you’ll be looking for stuff like sweet potatoes or brown rice, and you’ll want to avoid stuff like corn.
We consulted several experts to figure out which dog foods were the best choices for Chihuahuas.
Orijen is probably one of the best dog food brands out there (and we don’t say that lightly).
One of the main selling points for me, though, is that this food contains actual fish instead of fish oil (I always prefer to feed my dog the whole ingredient if I can).
Essentially, this Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials formula gets most of its calories from chicken, brown rice and oats, but it’s relatively short on fruits and veggies and fats.

This is a great option for dog owners who want high-quality ingredients but don’t necessarily have the cash to throw down on a premium brand. Like we’ve mentioned before, we don’t recommend Hill’s Science Diet or Pedigree brands for small dogs.
Even if they don’t look like they’re burning energy, their tiny little dog bodies are incinerating calories at almost three times the rate (per pound) of a large dog. For example, some owners don’t understand exactly how much energy their dog is burning, so they tend to underfeed.
To give you some idea of how that compares to other small dogs, a Yorkie only needs about 150 calories per day (about 25% less).
Having plenty of fruits and veggies rounds out the nutritional profile and provides your best dog friend with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s no substitute for regular cleanings, but it can help preserve those pearly whites in the meantime.
You also want to make sure her food is full of good, complex carbs, like we mentioned above. On the other, you’re missing out on the great variety of vitamins, nutrients and minerals provided by dog foods with a lot more ingredients.

We talked to several registered breeders and trainers to help you find several good dietary options for your loyal little pal.
On the other hand, it’s very easy for some owners to overfeed their pups because they see how active they are and forget they’re still only little dogs.
As with any dog food, you generally want to make sure its protein sources come from meat and meal, avoiding byproducts. One of the best ways to prevent dental problems is to simply feed your dog dry food instead of wet food. Most of the meats come from free-run chicken, fish caught in the wild, and eggs, making this a good option for environmentally conscious dog owners. However, it’s much less expensive for small dog owners, since they’ll be eating less most of the time.

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