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My strong interest in rehabilitation led me to work full time as a Behaviourist and Trainer. I will teach you how to lead your dog to become the balanced, happy animal he would like to be and which is so important if he is to be an acceptable member of society.
Nails and feet1 Feb 2015Regular walks on a pavement or road will improve the adult dog’s feet, tightening and strengthening them and helping to keep the nails short. For your older puppy or adult dog, dog training for pet obedience are divided into Beginners and Advanced, each lasting for 45 minutes. One to one training sessions can be useful for an adult dog who has previously received no training, particularly if he is nervous or unsettled.
These consist of a small group of owners and dogs walking for an hour, stopping occasionally to carry out exercises. Nails and feetRegular walks on a pavement or road will improve the adult dog’s feet, tightening and strengthening them and helping to keep the nails short.

In the early 1970’s, while training under a German Shepherd Dog breeder and trainer who also ran an all-breeds Rescue Kennel, my passion for rescuing, rehabilitating and training dogs developed.
As well as working with behavioural problems of all types I offer help from pre-purchase advice through to puppy and adult dog training, using humane, proven methods. They are an excellent opportunity both to educate your dog and to keep him socialised with other dogs and people.
Once started in this way, his confidence and yours will increase so that he can join a regular class and you will both be ready to continue training in this environment. I use kind, proven training methods, with plenty of variety and stimulation to hold your dog’s interest. It will also allow him to play off-lead with other dogs in the group and it is hoped you will enjoy the opportunity to chat with other likeminded dog owners. Among these dogs were a number of rescues, most of which initially had behavioural issues due to their histories.

When will microchipping your dog become compulsory  (a)  February 2016  (b)  April 2016  (c)   January 2017 3. We will discuss an aspect of dog training or management during the class and you will have time to ask questions during the session. Class sizes are limited so that your dog can be relaxed, you have room to move easily and do not wait endlessly when we are taking turns to perform an exercise.

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