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A TRX training session takes place at 24 Hour Fitness club in San Ramon, California, in this April 2011 handout photo. Called functional training, workouts mirroring the activities of daily life have become a cornerstone of personal training sessions and group fitness classes, even if daily life can encompass anything from lifting a baby to scaling a burning building. Salzone noted that while functional fitness has always been around, it has gained steam since the image of a healthy body shifted away from the bulkier body builder to today's leaner look. Bootcamp classes, which use light weights or one's own body weight, he said are among the most popular functional fitness classes. Among the newer tools in the functional fitness arsenal is the ViPR (Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning), a rubber cylinder with cutout handles designed to be carried, dragged, flipped, thrown, stepped on and rolled over. Life Fitness, the Illinois-based equipment manufacturer, has put together functional training manuals specific to sports, such as football, basketball and baseball, as well as programs for seniors, youths and firefighters, according to spokesperson Heather Sieker. Even absolute beginners can perform functional movements, she said, but they should ask the guidance of a fitness professional to start.

Salzone recommends starting out with three or four functional training sessions a week, then adding a day as you build strength.
As some personal trainers leave big box clubs for other pursuits, some big box club owners are making efforts to keep their trainers.
Fresh out of college with a degree in sports medicine after serving as an athletic trainer at San Jose State University, Mike Ibasco got a job as a personal trainer at an Andre Agassi 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport club in Las Vegas.
Personal training is great for people who need help to stay motivated to lose weight, get fit and tone up.
Club One Fitness has over 100 pieces of exercise equipment, so the variation in exercise selection is almost endless. Make a change for the better in your life by calling us on 07 4051 9944 or complete the form on our Contact Us Page to find out more about our personalised Personal Training.
Our personal trainers work with you to set goals, measure your strengths and weaknesses as well as keep your training routines interesting.

We will match you with a personal trainer that will suit your exercise and fitness level, as well as measure your improvements along the way. He says that although he learned a lot about how to be a trainer while there, he wanted more in his chosen profession. Navy Seal improvised a fitness tool from his parachute webbing, has become the workout darling of personal trainers, group fitness instructors and home exercisers alike.

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