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And there’s no shortage of places for you to visit in Spain where flamenco is ever present.
You don’t have to stray far from the holiday home you are renting in Spain in order to see the birds of Spain. They will never measure the decibel level at a fiesta in Spain and nobody would dare unplug the live band.

Close by is the hill of Suspiro del Moro from where it is claimed the last Nasrid King of Spain, Boabdil, took his last look at Granada before riding off into exile. The storks that build their big nests at the summit of many a church throughout Spain must always know the time of day. There are no laughs to be had when you are trying to go to sleep only for Fido and his friends to continue barking until dawn.

Birdwatch Alpujarra offers tours to different areas of southern Spain at which you are most likely to see the most beautiful and stately masters of the skies.

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