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On this page you will learn the best free dog & puppy training tips, techniques, devices so you can learn the methods on how to stop your neighbors dog barking fast and effectively. Follow the steps on this page to stopping neighbor dogs barking with as little fuss as possible and with you still remaining friends if this is still possible! Your neighbor may actually be as fed up as you with all the barking and has just lost control – and may just not understand how to stop all the noise. There maybe a medical reason as to why there dog is making so much noise so get them to get free vet advice over the phone. If you don’t know your neighbor, introduce yourself first before you mention the noise. Purchase a pad of paper and start a journal – record the time and date of the barking and grade the noise from 1-10.

If you know your neighbors take over a cake or a beer depending on their taste and start with a chat about normal things…build up to mentioning the noise.
Now with a smile, tactfully mention the noise, you could even mention how you had a similar problem with your dogs, use a bit of psychology…be clever! Tell your neighbors the times he is barking, but if you at work be honest and say that there are times in the day when the noise won’t actually effect you. If you have other neighbors who are friends ask them if they are being effected by your neighbors dog barking and try and form an alliance – they may also agree to a dog dazer which they may place in their back-yard and now you have an ally. Write a letter politely asking your neighbor to control their dog’s barking and wait for a reply. If you live in a property that is under a lease, covenant  or community code take a good look at the Community Codes and Restrictions and review whether there are any provisions for a neighbors dog barking and what your rights are.

If this all fails, you may have to consider moving, but you will need to disclose your neighbors dog barking.
Congratulations, if you follow this guide you will be stopping neighbor dogs barking every-time!

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