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In order for your vet assistant to truly answer this question accordingly, it would be better stated that dogs have color vision deficiency.
Animal Behavior College is an animal vocational school that offers dog training, veterinary assistant and pet grooming certifications. Dogs have trouble distinguishing items in colors, such as red, orange, green, green-blue and some shades of purple.
This means they can see some colors, but are limited to the blue and yellow color receptors.
KIMA CBS 29 News is reporting on the Yakima, Washington music teacher, who after hitting his head hard from a fall, can now see colors are they meant to be seen.

The various people in the video seem appropriately wowed by the full spectrum of colors on display, with one going so far as to say the world looked dull when she took the glasses off.
These three receptors are able to blend together to help form the variety of colors humans are able to see in their daily lives. Dogs also don’t have the ability to see anything in the green category as its true color.
It’s commonly referred to as red-green and blue-yellow color blindness, which are determined by what color the dog is having trouble viewing. Since they only have two receptors instead of three, dogs find it difficult seeing the color green, which falls into the category of red-green color blindness.

These colors are simply not received by their color receptors so they show up in various shades of grays and blacks.

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