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Knowing the difference between an excited dog and an aggressive dog is crucial to preventing animal attacks.
When Bark Busters dog trainers conduct adult dog and puppy training in your home, they will assess your current household dynamics and how they influence your dog's behaviors. While some methods of obedience training for dogs rely on gimmicks or inducing pain or discomfort, the Bark Busters method empowers you with the insight you need to become your dog's pack leader.
Once you've assumed your role as pack leader, all you will need is consistency and the natural techniques taught by Bark Busters to reinforce and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Developed in Australia, our simple, natural and dog-friendly training methods focus on developing a positive relationship between owner and dog to establish a lasting emotional bond based on respect and trust.
Bark Busters is the only dog training company that offers Guaranteed Lifetime Support because it really does work. The Bark Busters National Veterinary Advisory Council (VAC) is made up of select, qualified veterinarians who serve in an advisory capacity as an expert resource to the Bark Busters network of dog behavioral therapists on matters pertaining to canine health and fitness, medical conditions, treatment of injuries and disease, canine pharmaceuticals, and best health practices for dog owners. I really appreciate that you created an outline recapping the behaviors we need to work on.
Be part of one of the worlds largest dog training companies and join one of the fastest growing industries in the USA.
Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, but aggressive barks are usually deeper, rapid and more guttural. Broadly speaking, canine aggression is generally a response to territorial, possessive and fearful situations. After making any necessary adjustments to the environment, your dog trainer will then teach you methods of communication that will help you lead your dog with confidence and ease. Bark Busters dog trainers can show you how to transform a "problem dog" into a happy, obedient lifelong buddy, often in only a matter of hours.

Our dog obedience techniques leverage the same communication methods, body language and voice control, that dogs follow as part of their instinctual pack mentality.
Our guaranteed lifetime support gives you peace of mind knowing you have a training partner for the life of your dog. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind. Showing teeth, especially while growling, is a dog's way of flashing its most effective weapon and intimidating a perceived enemy.
Territorial aggression is displayed when a dog believes it is responsible for keeping all unknown people and animals out of its territory, which is often a house or yard. No matter what breed, age, or issue, Bark Busters' natural, dog-friendly methods are proven effective, and they are also kind. All the dog training tips in the world won't matter if your dog doesn't view you as his pack leader. Bark Busters is so confident with our dog training methods that we offer Guaranteed Lifetime Support.
For dog behavior training, we come to your home at a time convenient to everyone in your household. You have the opportunity to join the growing Bark Busters Dog trainers community as we expand our areas across the USA. Small dogs can bite young children in the face or neck, potentially causing serious injuries. This kind of aggressive dog will chase or attack mailmen, meter readers or guests for trespassing on the dog’s territory. Dogs have an innate need for the social structure and security of a pack, so in order to maintain a peaceful existence, dog owners must learn to confidently lead that pack.

In as little as two hours (versus weeks or months by other methods), the Bark Busters dog training approach can help owners establish control of their dog; all without treats or the need for harsh punishment.
If your dog reacts aggressively to people or other dogs, you have a dangerous dog and need to address the problem before it’s too late. Dogs exhibiting possessive aggression have formed an inappropriate bond with people, food, toys or other goods and will act aggressively to stop them from being taken away. The bottom line is this: Dog behavior issues almost always stem from lack of consistent leadership. Rogue Dog Training uses reward based lessons to curb unwanted canine aggression in the privacy of your own home.
If your dog is willing to show its teeth or nip you and your family, it is an aggressive dog who will bite sooner or later. Dogs growling or nipping at people who come near them while eating or sitting on a couch or bed are displaying possessive aggression. At your free consultation, Rogue Dog Training will assess and determine the scope and duration of the program required to reduce aggressive behaviors. Rogue Dog Training's ABCDT certified dog trainer will come to your house and begin reducing your dog’s unwanted aggression so you and your dog can live together peacefully.
If a dog is afraid of strangers, it may act aggressively and bite them as part of the flight or fight response. Any kind of aggression can be addressed by Rogue Dog Training, but it is always best to act quickly before canine aggression gets out of control.

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