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PAWS, (Pound Animal Welfare Society of Montclair, Inc.) is an animal rescue and shelter organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and facilitating pet adoption for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in our community.
PAWS (Pound Animal Welfare Society of Montclair, Inc.) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and finding homes for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in our community.
If you are considering adding a new addition to your family, please visit the Home For Good website and adopt a dog that needs a home. Voted one of America’s best shelters by Independent Charities of America, this no-kill animal shelter provides each and every animal they rescue with the love and support they need until adoption. Liberty Humane Society’s cats and dogs are remarkable pets taken in, often from city streets, and provided with the much needed services of medical attention, shelter and adoption plans. The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge is more than just a safe haven for cats and dogs of all ages: it actively participates in its surrounding communities by offering Humane Education courses in local schools, pet clubs and a calendar of events in which all proceeds go towards the well being of their animals. Offering opportunities to foster or adopt a potential pet, Halfway Hounds can be a great resource for rebuilding the relationship between human and canine.

Pet ResQ goes to great lengths to make sure that no pet is left unwanted or abandoned, and you will often here of this group “flying in” dogs from all over the country.
They rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in Georgia and South Carolina, and transport them here to NJ. The staff at RBARI is knowledgeable about each of their pets and can guide you through your adoption step by step.
Halfway Hounds offers customizable training programs based on the individual dogs needs and to prepare each pooch for adoption.
PAL offers potential adopters to dispel the negative stereotype of the pitbull breed and encourage their genuinely good natured disposition and temperament. These dogs are often rescued from high kill shelters and brought here to NJ in hopes of finding their forever homes. Active training sessions help build a respectful relationship between all dogs and owners, and provide the adopter with the tools needed to maintain a loving relationship with their new pet.

Pet ResQ offers great advice for potential adopters and provides them with the skills, love and patience needed to take care of previously abandoned and special needs dogs. As someone who has adopted from Home For Good, I can personally attest that they are a very reputable organization. Puppies and kittens are socialized through various trainings and exercises with trainers alongside adult and senior dogs and cats and shelter visits are always welcome.
Cassie has been in great health since day one, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about HFG from other dog owners who have adopted as well.

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