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Unlike Dragon Cave, Chicken Smoothie has no looming fear of death whenever you check on your pets. On Powerpets, there is a system where you can write your own stories about your pets and get them published into real virtual books for the people of the site to read.
Virtual Pets games have been around for quite some time and it looks like they are here to stay if any of these sites have anything to say about it.

It had millions of members - kids and adults alike clambering for the latest pets, playing the flash games, and learning the entire world of Neopets. The amount of artistic talent on the site is simply astounding and the artists should really be praised more for the amount of work they do designing some of these pets. Pets available to adopt range from something as normal as a Bulldog to something as outlandish as a Moray Eel.

It's time to join in the fun!Moshi Monsters is a free, safe online game where you can adopt your own pet Monster and go on amazing adventures together.

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