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But we’ve seen countless types, breeds, ages, personalities and sizes in our classes and private sessions, and they have all learned and enjoyed learning with positive reinforcement training! Unleashed Joy uses the principles of learning theory and positive-reinforcement-based training for all dogs. In short, it’s a good idea to take breed characteristics into account when selecting the right fit for your family dog (in addition to other factors), and sometimes those tendencies can be used to your advantage when searching for motivation to use in training.
There are about 350 breeds of dog, classified into 10 groups according to their morphology and use.
Here are some of the small dog breeds that you will love to see and get one for your family and kids.

We love dogs and we have our own choice or preference to keep the type of dog like we want a small dog for home for kids or a medium size dog as security or a large dog breed which can scare others. Mostly people prefer small dog breeds and medium dog breeds because they are cute, friendly. We have posted some of the small dog breeds images that you can view and have one of the small dog breeds for your home. Different breeds do have different genetic tendencies, meaning they are more easily reinforced for certain behaviors. Some working breeds tend to be amazingly in-tune with human body language and gestures-they were bred to pay attention to human cues.

Even so, dogs are also individuals, each dog a little or even drastically different from others of the same breed.

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