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Additionally, the stress and anxiety that usually accompany a hormonal imbalance are often partially to blame for yeast infections.
Finally, yoga works to relieve the body of toxins that build up and make it harder to fight off the infection. The biggest way yoga helps ease and sometimes even prevent yeast infections is by decreasing the feelings of stress and anxiety. Make sure you're not undoing all of your progress by making a few common mistakes involving yoga. However, yoga addresses many of the causes of yeast infections in the body by promoting overall good health.

It keeps your immune system healthier than it might be otherwise, especially when you learn to use yoga just to relax, like a gentle form of Hatha yoga, or meditation.
Those things not only tend weaken your health in general, but they can exacerbate a tendency to get yeast infections. If your mind and body are healthy, you're more able to fight off any type of infection, including yeast.
Dry off and change clothes as soon as you can after practicing yoga-especially "hot yoga" such as Bikram, which causes you to sweat heavily. Simply make sure you change quickly after your session and clean your yoga attire well before wearing it again.

High blood sugar levels and stress, plus dark, damp places, promote the overgrowth of the yeast.Some yoga practitioners believe that one of the best ways to relieve the body of a yeast infection in addition to yoga is by fasting. The additional heat and dampness will contribute to the ideal environment for a yeast infection to form. One thing that all yoga practitioners can agree on, no matter what their stance on fasting, is that to remain yeast infection-free and get the most out of your yoga workouts, healthy eating is mandatory.

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