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Thrush is a yeast infection specific to mucus membranes, such as a baby's mouth and her mom's nipples. We talked to several moms to find out what having thrush is really like, and truth be told, it doesn’t sound fun. Heather from Missouri has experienced thrush with each child she’s breastfed after getting antibiotics during labor for group B strep.
Babies with thrush often present with white patches on their gums or along the insides of their cheeks, but moms often don’t have any outward signs — just pain and discomfort.

It is also known simply as yeast, which is the culprit behind other miserable infections, such as the traditional yeast infection and athlete's foot.
There are a number of different ways these moms tried to get rid of it — some had success with natural remedies, but others had to turn to medication to boot thrush from their lives for good. In breastfeeding pairs, it can affect not only Baby’s mouth, but Mom’s nipples as well, resulting in pain for both. Make sure you both get treated, because treating just one member of the breastfeeding pair leaves reinfection as a distinct possibility.

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