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Wipe the infected area (skin fold) with hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball or other small cloth, the common brown bottle drugstore type. Using just a couple of fingers, spread coconut oil on the infected area, twice a day for mild infection. Follow preventative measures for yeast infections, such as careful drying of skin folds and areas prone to infection after shower or bathing. Should see improvement in 48 hours with full healing time based on severity of the infection.

Coconut oil has anti-yeast properties that cure the infection in a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the infection. You can either use a topical treatment that goes inside your vagina available over the counter or by prescription or an oral treatment which is a pill you can take available only by prescriptionBoth treatment options are effective. It is not a sponsored or paid blog post.This product was sent to The Period Blog for consideration for review from the manufacturer. Any compensation received will never influence the reviews, opinions, content, topics or posts made in this blog.The Period Blog does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, or treatment.

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