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It sounds a little scary, but in simple terms, Candida is a yeast organism (normally found on the skin, in the mouth, gut, and other mucus membranes) that causes infection when our natural resistance to its overgrowth is reduced. The Candida organism can become capable of causing illness when your body’s ability to contain it proves ineffective and consequently allows the yeast to spread, causing an overgrowth.
Listed below are common symptoms which may be your body’s way of signalling Candida overgrowth, but, let’s get something straight, while some of these symptoms scream OVERGROWTH! You’re probably expecting that this is the part where we tell you to follow an impossible diet to rid you of your Candida overgrowth. Probiotics are friendly bacteria which can be taken as part of your Candida programme to re-balance the natural flora in the large intestine.
Essentially, Candida is an overgrowth of yeast which is often the cause of many undesirable symptoms ranging from fatigue and weight gain, to joint pain, foggy brains and gas.
Speaking personally, I can tell you that I was having a terrible case of candida overgrowth, and had no signs of it (at least, none of the ones that I naturally thought of when I hear ‘yeast’). The ringing has stopped several times only to resume fainter, each time, so I am getting close to what I consider remission. Brain fog might interfere with Santa’s innate sense of direction, forcing him to rely on technology.
With brain fog, you can make a list and check it twice, thrice, or two hundred times and still forget who is naughty and who is nice.
The problem with taking a ton of things (which many spoonies will relate to) is that you have no idea what did you in. Anyway, before I had brain fog from Lyme disease, I had brain fog from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

What I did find was one report to the FDA, from a physical therapist who was allergic to methylparaben and had reacted to this product.
You may be more familiar with the terms thrush, oral thrush, yeast infection, fungal infection – these are all Candida infections, just with slightly less attractive names! However it becomes more serious in immunocompromised patients, such as those with cancer, serious burns, or AIDS, where infection by Candida of internal organs can occur. Candida imbalances put a big load on your immune system, and consequently they send your healthy body on a downward spiral, burdening it with many of these symptoms which you may be putting down to other issues such as diet or lifestyle choices.
They are beneficial for restoring balance to the intestinal flora once a yeast overgrowth has been brought back under control and they can also help to prevent a future relapse of candida overgrowth. Here, they help by circulating and then digesting the numerous toxins released by the dying candida cells. Speaking first-hand, I can tell you that a Candida diagnosis is not one you’ll be thrilled to receive, nor will the diet that follows be one of your favorites, but I promise that if Candida overgrowth is an issue for you, and you follow this simple protocol,  the end results (after the 7-8 week cleanse) will be well worth it!
If you’re the kind of person who needs to see it in writing before you’ll tackle the cleanse, ask for both candida and leaky gut tests.
Prepare for an elimination diet: you will need to remove all allergens from your diet, as well as foods which tend to promote Candida growth. And my doctor quadrupled my dose of saccharomyces boulardii, a probiotic that helps prevent antibiotic-associated stomach disasters as well as candida. Since it is a book group for the chronically ill and brain-fogged, it’s OK to ask for extensions.
You can share lists of books you’ve read or want to read, see what friends are reading, get recommendations, write and read reviews, and join book groups.

Many health practitioners agree that internal Candida infection is very common, often left undiagnosed, and possibly the cause of many external infectious Candida conditions. This will help ensure the dietary changes you’re making are supported in their effort to kill the Candida.
What I might do are text-only posts when my new voice software comes, or maybe do very simple drawings like the one above. Commercial brands are packed with irritating ingredients such as alcohol and witch hazel, as well as toxins and allergens such as fragrance chemicals and propylene glycol.* I resigned myself to oiliness, pores like moon craters, and breakouts. My addled brain requires me to write down page numbers with important stuff and reread as much as possible. The article’s author talks about, among other things, pesticides and GMOs in popular tea brands and plastics in teabags that may start to break down in hot water.
If you use bagged teas, the author recommends certified organic, GMO-free brands such as Numi. I was clueless about what the test meant, and continued to see specialist after specialist, trying to figure out what was wrong.

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